Bad in Boots: Ty's Temptation
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2006 - 6:24:00 AM

Ty Hudson is the part owner of an architecture firm in Maryland. He's staying at his great-aunt's ranch while in Texas for his sister Jena's wedding. He's powerful, intelligent, and normally very much in control at all times, but he hadn't expected to find a woman already staying at his aunt's house or the effect she'd have on his libido.

Evan Masters is the town veterinarian. She possesses a very high IQ. By the time she was twenty-four years of age, she had gone through high school, college and vet school, earning both her DVM and MBA. She's now twenty-six and still a virgin. Between her father being the town sherif and her intelligence, the vast majority of men are intimidated by her.

After having his rental car stolen, Ty finally makes it to his aunt's ranch only to be accosted by a young woman coming out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. It isn't until she has him hogtied on the floor that he mentions that his sister told him he could stay there. Harm, Jena's fiance, had invited Evan to stay there because of a problem with one of Sally's horses. As embarrassing as their first introduction went, neither Evan nor Ty can deny their sexual attraction. Evan fully intended to return to her own place but soon discovered Chad sitting in her driveway waiting for her. She'd gone out with him a couple of times, but soon discovered that his lack of fear of her father is because Chad's father is the mayor. Evan refuses to date Chad but he's not taking "no" for an answer and continues to pester her. As far as Evan's concerned her virginity is the big draw for him and if she were to rid herself of that problem then Chad will back off. In order to avoid Chad she decides to accept Ty's offer to stay at the ranch with him and at the same time enlist Ty's help in ridding her of her virginity. The only problem with her grand plan is Ty doesn't do virgins. For the first time, it isn't Evan's IQ level or her daddy that's scaring a man. Ty's excuse is that virgins always want commitment, but Evan claims she picked him specifically because she knew he'd be leaving to go back to Maryland. Ty eventually gives into his desires, but he tells her upfront, that it's going to be his way. Will either of them be able to return to their former lives unscathed?

TY'S TEMPTATION is an exciting addition to the BAD IN BOOTS series. I love that Evan is so very smart, she's a delightfully fun and open character who isn't afraid to express her desires for Ty. She isn't afraid of Ty's demands that if they do have sex it will be "his way," though she is determined to encourage him to speed up the process. Ty's refusal to back down to either the sheriff or Chad and his mayor father is just perfect. You gotta love a man that will stand up for what he believes! This is a fabulously sexy story that I could easily read many times over.

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