Baddest Bad Boys

Author: Shannon McKenna, E.C. Sheedy, Cate Noble

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: May 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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ANYTIME, ANYWHERE by Shannon McKenna

Jon Amendola finally has some downtime following a particularly difficult case.  His buddy Danny’s cabin is just the type of retreat he requires.  No demands, just peace and quiet for at least two weeks.  He’s been friends with the MacNamara family for a long time and never seen Robin as anything other than a little pseudo sister

Robin MacNamara has been accepted into a training program for the Circo della Luna Rosa.  It’s her dream to become a professional clown.  She doesn’t regret going after her dreams and leave behind her receptionist job working for her brothers in the hotel industry.  Her only regret is that she’s never had the opportunity to clue Jon into her very grown up feelings for him.


After eavesdropping on Danny and Jon’s conversation, Robin knows that Jon is going to be using the fishing cabin for a while.  She refuses to let this chance to capture his attention pass her by.  What she doesn’t expect is to have to seduce him.  Bad boy Jon isn’t about to risk his friendship with Robin’s brothers for a little harmless sex.   Can Robin seduce him to her way of thinking?  As things heat up between them, an unforeseen complication from his last case threatens to destroy everything.


Shannon McKenna is one of the reigning queens of romantic suspense.  ANYTIME, ANYWHERE is a prime example of why she’s so beloved by her faithful readers.   The characters are a delightful mixture of boldness and vulnerability and I loved the tension between them. Throw in a bit of suspense and this is a story well worth buying this anthology for all by itself.



Tommi Smith has never had the best of luck with men and her latest predicament is a real doozie.  She’s uncovered evidence of embezzlement at the company where she works and now she’s afraid her life is in danger.  Hiding out seems to be the best bet and her good friend Hugh knows the ideal place.  She’ll be staying at a fishing cabin with Hugh’s younger brother Mac.


Mac Fleming’s nice quiet retreat may be the perfect hiding spot for Tommi but he’s not entirely comfortable with her being there.  Her reputation for breaking hearts is legendary and he has no intention of falling for her charms.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with a little mutual pleasure while they’re sharing the cabin, is there?


Tommi’s concerns and fears follow her to the cabin and even though she doesn’t want to involve anyone else in her troubles, she can’t resist Mac’s gentle persuasion.  It’s been a long while since they last saw each other and neither of them is prepared for the sexual tension that’s quickly building between them.  Mac’s aware that Tommi’s not a forever kind of girl so he proposes a short term affair.   Is strictly sex between them possible and what are they going to do about the embezzlement?


E.C. Sheedy creates the perfect blend of sexual tension, emotional attachment, and suspense to pull readers into the storyline and ensure you stay hooked.  I adore Tommi simply because she’s so honest and trusting.  Mac is more cynical but even he can’t resist Tommi - no matter how hard he tries.  AFTER THE LOVIN’ captured my attention on a more primitive level, there’s something so endearing about Tommi and Mac that you just can’t help but love them and want everything to work out in their favor.




Since the death of her husband Ellie has accepted her brother-in-law Max’s control over her stock holdings in DeLuca Shipping, but Stefan’s will specified a period of time and that time has run out.  Max wants to continue to oversea her stock holdings but the battling between their lawyers has been tedious.  Ellie has an idea for a proposition so that they can both get what they want.


Max DeLuca, dubbed Il Diavolo by the press, has worked hard to restore his family honor and save the shipping company from bankruptcy.  The only way to ensure that it stays lucrative is by continuing to be in control of as many of the stock holdings as possible.  The last thing he expects is for Ellie to offer an irresistible proposition that will effectively allow him to get his hands on everything he desires - the shares and Ellie.


Ellie’s proposal of ‘one night - no commitments, no strings, just sex’ in exchange for extending their contract has Max’s loins on fire.  Unfortunately there’s the little issue of his ex-girlfriend’s schemes and lies and Ellie’s cyber stalker to contend with, but Max is certain he can handle them both.  He’s not prepared to accept Ellie’s offer as it is though, he wants a full seven days to indulge their carnal desires.  Will a week be enough? 


Cate Noble is a newcomer to the romance genre and it looks like she’s an author who will quickly work her way up ‘must read’ lists everywhere.  With believable characters readers can care about and villains you love to hate DEAL WITH THE DEVIL had me engrossed from start to finish.  Ellie’s innocent persona and Max’s worldly demeanor played off each other beautifully.


I’ve had a fondness for the Brava Bad Boys line since the very beginning but this book seems to go the extra mile and really earns itself a place on the keeper shelf.  It provides readers with all the sexual tension, kick butt bad boys and the women brave enough to conquer them that has made the Brava line so popular.  BADDEST BAD BOYS brings to life three stories which will capture readers imaginations and hearts as they read about men who risk it all for the women they love.  Beautifully done ladies! 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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