Frisky Business, Book 1: Bait And Switch
By Zee
Apr 18, 2009 - 12:26:05 AM

Anna Jackson is as tightly wound as they come. A hotshot lawyer from New York, she is also still under the blow of her treacherous ex-boyfriend who stole her case and won the promotion she was destined to get. Nothing will stand in her way now to win the coveted ‘partner’ slot and in the same go, kick the worthy hide of her ex. But first, she has one week to spend in Las Vegas.

Sin City doesn’t get worthily labeled on any city than Vegas. Sin, sex, decadence... gigolos. Devon McGuire encompasses all these descriptives. One of the best and highest paid male escorts, he is recruited by Anna’s friends. The girls want Anna to finally know a good time and a hunky piece like Devon will surely do the trick – after all, his job is to take good ‘care’ of the women who become his clients.
Anna is a reluctant client, but Devon will not let this hamper his pursuit. He’s incredibly good at his job, isn’t he? Never one to back down from a challenge, he sees Anna as someone he needs to loosen up. And when he does get her to throw caution to the wind, Devon sees a side of this woman that humbles, fascinates and intrigues him.

Love doesn’t waste any time peeking in between the two of them. But wait a minute – she’s a lawyer from New York; he’s a gigolo from Las Vegas. One week is all they have, will it be enough for both of them?

Ms. Lory writes with an effortless prose that catches the reader from the get-go. Her plot is well-sketched and her characters almost leap off the page. Simple while at the same time complex, FRISKY BUSINESS, BOOK 1: BAIT AND SWITCH  inscribes itself in the line of rich contemporary romance that captures the hearts and souls of millions of readers the world over.
Anna is a woman you cannot help but root for, especially when you grasp that she is a vulnerable creature hiding behind a tough shell. Devon is the man who brings this shell to crack and ultimately break, releasing the inner woman. Of course, he’s a gigolo, but there is also a real man beneath the cloak of the fun-seeking escort, and Ms. Lory puts this across really well. Her grasp of the characters’ psyche is remarkable and draws the reader in almost without one realizing that they are getting sucked into the plot.
Not to mention that delightful cast surrounding the main couple. Anna’s friends are every woman’s idea of reliable best friends, and they spice the story even more with their outrageous lawyers-gone-wild-in-Sin-City personas. After all, like they say, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", right?
Catch FRISKY BUSINESS, BOOK 1: BAIT AND SWITCH if you want to know whether this saying applies to Anna and Devon. I promise you will have a nice, very wicked, time.

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