Bait Shop Blues
By Patti Fleishman
Jun 1, 2008 - 7:13:00 PM

Ah, the lure of the fishing rod...or should that be the lure of the bait?  Either way, the story of Leif Flying Eagle and Cassandra Thompson will have you wondering just how many fish are swimming in the lake.  And, will there be any left for you when they're finished?

As soon as Leif saw her, he knew who she was.  It was in the way she moved and the way her beautiful silvery-blonde hair seemed to sway right along with the rhythm of those sashaying hips.  Yeah, he knew who she was. Roy Thompson, Leif's surrogate father, had described her so vividly there was no mistaking the woman who was now walking toward him. What came as a shock, though, was just how much she looked like his fantasy woman, Marilyn Monroe. And, those eyes...and that creamy skin...

Cassandra had no idea what she was getting into when she arrived in the little fishing town along Crane Lake in Minnesota . Oh, she knew all about her grandfather, Roy Thompson, and she knew all about the Gateway Bait Shop, but what she didn't anticipate was a certain Mr. Flying Eagle and those deliciously tantalizing long fingers of his, and that macho maleness that surrounded him.

Roy Thompson had a falling-out with his son, Cassandra's father, when she was just a child, so he had never known his only granddaughter.  It wasn't until the last few months of his life that he was able to locate Cassandra and began writing to her and sending her pictures of the business he owned, the Gateway Bait Shop. It was through this communication that they both grew attached to one another.  When Roy passed away he left half of the bait shop to Cassandra. 

When Leif was a young boy, his mother abandoned him.  He never knew his father, either.  But, when Roy Thompson came into his life, Leif considered him to be the father he never had.  They both grew very close and worked hard to keep the business going.  Not once had Roy ever spoken about his family, so it came as quite a shock to Leif when he learned that Roy had a granddaughter and that she now owned half of the business.

Of course, Leif figures he'll be able to buy out Cassandra's half because there is no doubt in his mind that she'll run screaming from this little fishing area. There's no way she could ever live here after having lived in Chicago with her beautiful clothes, her fancy restaurants, and the highly profitable cosmetic company she owns.

Cassandra, on the other hand, has grandiose plans of her own for the bait shop.  She doesn't care that Leif wants it to stay rustic and that he's not one to make changes so easily.  But, Cassandra is a businesswoman and she knows what she wants - the problem is how to make Leif agree with her ideas.

Nancy Pirri has written a fun and humorous novel, filled with characters I wanted to become friends with.  What I enjoyed tremendously were her fabulous descriptions and the energetic dialogue she created.  I found myself laughing and wanting to jump in and become part of the story. Yes, Ms. Perri caught me - hook, line, and sinker with BAIT SHOP BLUES.

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