Balancing in High Heels

Author: Eileen Rendahl

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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San Jose was just the right place to heal her wounds. Being around her family and friends was just what she needed. Or so she thought. But once she was back, things picked up right where they'd left off all those years ago. Her sister and best friend were both trying to control her life. And her mother, though her appearance hadn't really changed that much, was a totally different person to her.

Soon Alissa found out that San Jose really had changed while she was gone. But, there was no way she'd be heading back to LA. Especially now that her ex-husband and new wife had a baby. No. What she needed was a job and maybe a social life. What she got instead was a slow to start list of clients working as a public defender. Not what she was hoping for, but it did help to pay the bills.

But all that changed when the Butterfly Brigade formed. Alissa had her hands full keeping her clients out of trouble, and from being accused of crimes that were happening across the whole city by copycats. It seemed that every which way she turned there was a story of the Butterfly Brigade taking action and righting wrong-doing-rude- thoughtless citizens. And in return, it landed her face to face with Officer Detective Rodriguez.

Trying to clear her client's name should have been easy for her. She was a lawyer after all, but Detective Rodriguez made her feel weak at the knees. And he was starting to hint that he wanted a relationship with her. But they were on opposite sides. So that would never happen, and should never happen. But she finds him irresistible and ignores the rules. Rules were made to bend sometimes.

But those same rules she not only ended up bending, but almost breaking when she stepped over the line to help a client.

Would Detective Rodriguez forget what she had done? Taking the law into her hands and acting on it was still wrong, committing a crime was against the law. Was what Alissa did worth risking not only her freedom, but her career and relationship with the detective, too? And just when things couldn't be any worse, Alissa has to bail her mother out of jail!

BALANCING IN HIGH HEELS by Eileen Rendahl is a refreshing story about a woman who has to start over. It's a laugh out loud funny tale at times, and at times it's almost as real as life can get. The characters are charming, and they'll grab a hold of you, dragging you right into the story and not letting go until the end. BALANCING IN HIGH HEELS is a feel-good-all-over book, and one that you'll want to make room for on your keeper shelf. I highly recommend you pick up your copy today!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kimberly Leslie

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