Banged Up
By Suzie Housley
Oct 18, 2009 - 9:23:34 AM

Mace Walker needs to recover from his injuries and the only place he can find peace and tranquility is his own house.  For the past two years he has worked as an undercover FBI Agent.  When he is wounded in action, he realizes it’s time to go home and reevaluate his priorities. 

Biochemist Colby Parks escapes an abusive relationship.  She manages to rebuild her life in a new town.  When a friend asks her to house sit, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to keep a low profile. 
Arriving home Mace never anticipated being greeted with a perfect set of legs holding a gun.  His quick instincts of survival take over and he manages to overpower the unknown woman.  He learns that his sister has hired Colby Parker to watch his house while she went off to get married.  Colby explains her home is under renovation and she has no where that she can go until the repairs are complete.  Mace knows he cannot evict Colby and allows her to stay in his home.
Living under the same roof the two find their attraction hard to ignore.  When their past comes back to haunt them, will it tear their new found love apart?
Jeanne St. James has written an exceptional high action drama.  From page one you will be captured by BANGED UP.  The dialogue is superbly written and the plot allows you to be kept on the edge of your seat.  For those seeking an action packed thriller, I highly recommend to add this title to your must read list.

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