Banking on Love

Author: Nancy Lindquist

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Release Date: June 2, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: E-Book

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Amy Winters has lost her job. With one week’s pay and no hope of another position what’s a girl to do?

How is it possible for someone’s day to start out good and hit rock bottom in a matter of hours? Amy Winters’ boss reveals that he’s quite ill and has sold his practice. That’s the good part – if such a thing is possible. The bad part is that he’s sold his law practice to her ex-husband and there’s no hope for her to continue to work for the firm. Worst of all, the ex’s new wife is pregnant and neither want her anywhere near them.


She blindly trudges along the slushy sidewalk to the bank to cash her check. When she opens the envelope and looks at the amount on the check she’s devastated. It’s for only one week’s work but then she sees who signed it.


Once the check is cashed and the money portioned out to the envelopes for her rent and various other bills she has a total of ten dollars remaining. It takes some work, but she manages to gather a few groceries. The bill comes to nine dollars even. Then the Lottery ad catches her attention. The amount is over two hundred million. What can it hurt? She purchases a ticket with her last dollar.


Blake Warner, Amy’s teen fantasy is back in town and has set his sights on Amy. She’s still his fantasy and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her into his life, especially when he discovers that she’s single again.


Amy’s world is turned upside down when she learns that she has the sole winning ticket. The lady at the Lottery office warns her to beware of people who claim kinship, con artists, and any number of groups calling to beg for money. The woman’s warnings prove to be prophetic. The ex is suing her for half her winnings. No way will she allow that.


Nancy Lindquist never disappoints. She’s written a heroine who, with a little push and quite a bit of incentive, rises from the timid person she was to one who will fight for what’s hers – especially when the ex tries to take half of it. When she stood up to the ex and told him he’d never get a dime of it, I cheered her on.


BANKING ON LOVE is a wonderful play on words within the storyline. I loved the way Ms. Lindquist brought Amy and Blake together. Their exploration into the love they’ve harbored for one another since their teens is beautifully written. She doesn’t skimp on the substance her secondary characters bring to the story, either. Blake’s father is absolutely delightful and I fell in love with the way he smoothed things over between Blake and Amy. There was a misunderstanding about the way she was spending her money.


This is a must read. The story is released by a new e-publisher, Lyrical Press. Check ‘em out! If this story is any indication of the quality of their books, you’re assured a great read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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