Baptism By Fire

Author: Keira Ramsay

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: October 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: e-book

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Leanan Murphy knows that her exhibit will make her career. She has worked long and hard as a professor of mythology and she's going to throw her success right back in the face of her no-nonsense father. Despite her father's careful molding, she's grown up determined to be an independent woman whom no man will ever again have control over. When Aidan Hughes shows up telling her that her warehouse, and everything housed in it, has fallen victim to an arsonist, she's devastated. Now she has to put together an exhibit with the remaining pieces not housed in the warehouse, all the while fighting an attraction to the hunky arson investigator. After just one day in his presence she knows he could ruin the life she's created and make her break every promise to herself.

Aidan Hughes is drawn to fire. As a Fae, it is his clan's signature. As an arson investigator it makes him very good at his job. While investigating a series of fires in warehouses he detects the presence of one of his kind. Knowing he needs to track down a rogue Fae he can't afford the distraction offered by Dr. Leanan Murphy. Even after she's forbidden to him, he can't deny her pull. Tall, dark, and handsome, he's every woman's dream man. On top of that, the compassion he shows toward Leanan after the fire would melt any woman's heart. What chance does the good doctor stand against him?

BAPTISM BY FIRE and Keira Ramsay have shown me what I was missing out on by ignoring e-books. This story is well worth the read and with all that fire you know it's hot. When Leanan and Aidan give up fighting and give in to their attraction it's hot enough to melt your monitor. This is a story that you have to check out. BAPTISM BY FIRE has a great romance, a touch of the paranormal, and even a little bit of mystery. Go out and download it today.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Heather M. Riley

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