Bare Confessions
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2007 - 10:38:00 AM

Katie Daniels has had a lot of upheaval in her life lately. When she had to kill a man set on killing her brother's fiancee, Katie's entire world was changed forever. Even though she knows it was the only decision she could make, in order to save her friend's life, she still wonders what if. Katie needs some balance in her life. She is starting a new job, an exciting opportunity as a therapist for a group of women who have definitely experienced the hard knocks of life. Now Katie only wishes Detective Ben Marcum would finally put the moves on her.

And wow, when he does, her world is changed again, but this time in a much more positive manner. Ben wants Katie; in fact, he knows he is falling in love with her. Ben yearns to share his world and life with Katie and that means giving her his secrets. Can such a private man, who has hidden depths, finally share his secrets?

BARE CONFESSIONS is the follow-up to Lacey Thorn's HIS BARE OBSESSION. Familiar faces are within these pages, but there is also the excitement of getting to know and understand new characters, and a new romance. Katie and Ben have a somewhat smooth relationship but there are still a few moments that provide tension. Family is an important part of Katie's life and her family provides plenty of laughs as Ben courts Katie. Having these characters really bare themselves to love and emotion proves to make this fairly bland romance a bit more intense. Katie and Ben share their love not only with each other, but with family and friends. BARE CONFESSIONS is a very relationship-focused story with not a lot of external plotting, but with powerful emotions that make these characters come alive.

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