Bare Witness

Author: Katherine Garbera

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: September 30, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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Justine O’Neill is one third of an elite female team working at Liberty Investigations.  Each woman possesses talents in different fields with Justine being the weapons specialist.  She has always felt more at ease with guns than with other people.  She has had terrible experiences with men, including her stepfather, leaving her to believe that Daddies do not protect their children.  She has changed her name and identity, attempting to leave her past behind her.  She thinks she has overcome her demons until her recent assignment.  Now, she is in charge of protecting the CEO of her stepfather’s business.  How can she keep her attention on her job while memories are threatening to tear her apart?

Nigel Carter is the CEO of Baron Industries.  He has been attempting to expand the business, but his efforts have been met with much resistance, leaving one of his best men in a coma.  Now,  in order to expedite his mission, he has to implement the changes himself.  He knows that he is putting himself and his daughter in danger, but with the best security team in the world, everyone should be safe.  

When Nigel and Justine meet, sparks fly.  She was expecting some money hungry, self righteous businessman, instead she finds a man who has lived a hard life working his way up in the world.  A man who loves his daughter so much, he believes the safest place for her is at his side, not locked away in some house with a nanny.  Nigel was expecting a big muscular man, instead he finds his security in the hands of a petite, muscular woman who is gorgeous.  She is very competent, but he catches glimpses of an unexplained hurt and vulnerability.  

After Nigel’s daughter is kidnaped, they shed all of their reservations.  They depend on each other for safety, and cling to each other for comfort.  Can they rescue Nigel’s daughter in time?  Can Nigel convince Justine to let her past and fears go and risk her heart to a man that loves her?  Can Justine let Nigel close enough to capture her heart?

BARE WITNESS is a stellar book.  It is a roller coaster of emotions - hurt, love, hate, fear and passion.  It is great to see these characters move through these emotions.  BARE WITNESS is the second book in the Katherine Garbera’s series.  I can’t wait until the third one is released!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dana

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