Barefoot at Sunset

Author: Roxanne St. Claire

Publisher: Roxanne St. Claire

Release Date: May 14, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Ebook

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Mark Solomon is a thrill seeker, a man who enjoys high-risk adventures. He grudgingly agrees to help with Mimosa High School's reunion for all the graduated classes. Mark returns to his old stomping grounds only to find himself ill-prepared for the bittersweet memories of his teen years with his late wife. Needing a reprieve from the people on the committee, he escapes to his villa but finds a weeping woman right in front. Emma's candor and spunk gives Mark the perfect idea on how to successfully fend off unwanted questions and advances. During their brief time together, he encourages Emma to conquer many of her fears and aim for her dreams. Mark realizes how important Emma is to him.

Emma DeWitt used to work as the copywriter for the agency that had done Casa Blanca Resort and Spa's advertisement. After the devastating end to her engagement, she simply wants to see the one villa that inspires and buoys her dreams of paradise. A handsome man catches Emma in front of the Blue Casbah villa crying. Kind-heartedly, Mark invites her into his villa and offers Emma a deal she cannot refuse. She fears the possible long-term effects he may have on her too-bruised heart. Emma falls effortlessly into her role of deflecting people away from questions of Mark's late wife and women's interest. Mark even helps Emma to face her fears and dare to approach the resort's owner for a job.

Mark is a total dream. There were moments when he came off as a little too good to be true. However, the man was beyond perfect as his old classmates and friends assumed. Mark, like everyone else, has his own flaws and hiccups, the main one being his inability to let go of the past with his late wife. Thoughtful and considerate, I love that he coaches Emma to overcome her fears in clever and neat ways. What I adore the most about Mark is his ability to convince Emma to take a chance and try for the position she really wanted.

Emma is such an entertaining and amusing heroine. I found her wit infectious and fun. Emma has been bruised by love, however, she never allowed that negativity to interfere with her creative spirit. Kind and nurturing in her own right, I like how, without intending to, Emma slowly helps Mark come to terms with his late wife's passing. I found it incredibly sweet how synced Emma became to Mark's emotional needs, intuitively knowing when something bothered or pained him and helping him through it. What I liked most about Emma is that she is closer to my age range and she graduated in the 90's, another similarity we shared.

BAREFOOT AT SUNSET is book one in Roxanne St. Claire's new contemporary series, BAREFOOT BAY TIMELESS, another wonderful spinoff from her BAREFOOT BAY series. I love how the author continues to find inspiration to write in this delightful paradise world of hers. It is always a joy seeing characters that I fell in love with from prior books make appearances. I especially like the different route Roxanne St. Claire took with her heroine and hero. It is a nice change of pace reading a couple closer to my age. The only nitpick I had was the name of the woman that Emma's slimy ex-fiance is with.

BAREFOOT AT SUNSET is an encouraging story whereby a person can indeed have two soulmates in one lifetime. Roxanne St. Claire cleverly introduces the next two silver-foxed heroes and their heroines for the next two books in this series. I cannot wait to discover who is next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Raonaid

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