Barefoot in the Sun - Barefoot Bay series, Book 3
By Lois M.
May 30, 2013 - 8:02:06 AM

Zoe is a runner.  No, she is not an athlete, but when the situation gets too tough, she runs.  This all stems from her childhood in foster care, with a foster father who really “liked” young girls... At the time, she was only fourteen years old, and before she became the next one that he “liked,” she knew she had to get out of there. 

Luckily, her friend and the next door neighbor, whom she calls Pasha, took her away and they proceeded to go on the run.  Pasha knew a child in trouble when she saw one - plus she had one or two things she needed to get away from as well.  They changed their names, Pasha became Zoe’s great-aunt, then they would move to a town, but leave when they felt like people might be getting too close to figuring them out.  Particularly this one time, a few years later...

She met Oliver just after he was getting out of a relationship; they weren't together but a month, however, both felt that the other might be the one and she felt that he was finally someone she could trust with her secret.  But she gets scared off when he doesn't seem to take her story very well, not to mention that he tries to convince her to do the right thing, come clean and find lawyers to help fix the situation.  Zoe would have none of that, she can only think of protecting Pasha.  But as she was telling him, he was getting text messages from the ex-girlfriend that she wants to talk to him.  He tries to ignore them, but then she drops the bombshell that she's pregnant.  Zoe mistakes agitation as directed to her and being upset at what she just told him.

After Oliver dealt with his situation, he comes back to see that Zoe did not waste time in leaving town and he does try to get in contact with her, but he doesn't get very far.  So, in the end, he marries Adele, goes on to live not happily ever after with Adele and Evan, while being the best doctor he can be, never forgetting the woman he was in love with and was hoping to marry.

Nine years later, down in Barefoot Bay, one of Zoe's friends gave birth in a public place and the doctor who helped out was Oliver.  He was starting over after the divorce and had his son for the summer while his mother was out of the country.  But he sure wasn't expecting to see Zoe there...

Because it was her friend's resort, she was staying there for a while, and it would be opening to the public soon... also Pasha was now sick, very likely cancer.  Zoe knew he was an oncologist, knew that he was in the area, but now she decided to approach him, hoping that he could help her out, just quietly, which was arguably a bit illegal. 

Between their reacquainting with each other and dealing with Pasha's illness, perhaps, here and now, Zoe can finally live up to her chosen name “new life” and begin one right where she is, with a new home and rediscovering her one true love.

This story is a sweet ride between two people who needed to deal with, and let go of, the past in order to move on, discover roots for themselves and then be there for each other.  The resort is a lovely setting, Zoe's friends are very interesting and fun in their own right, and overall, BAREFOOT IN THE SUN has a very satisfying conclusion.

Lastly, this is the third of the Barefoot Bay series - I have not read the first two, but I had no problems with following along here.  This book works fine as a standalone.

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