Batteries Not Required
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 15, 2009 - 6:13:29 PM

Dana Appleby isn’t looking for a happily-ever-after. Every long-term relationship she’s had left much to be desired – especially in the sex department. She’s made the decision that she wants mind-blowing sex without any strings attached and she’s determined that co-worker Reese would be the perfect man to indulge her desire for a strictly sexual fling.

Reese Cooper isn’t a saint. He’s enjoyed sex – with lots of women but always kept the relationships casual. He’s noticed Dana but has her pegged for a white picket fence and two point five kids kind of gal so he’s kept his distance. Imagine his surprise when Dana conveniently falls into him at the opportune moment and kisses him just before announcing that she isn’t interested in anything serious – she just wants him for his body.

Dana’s normally pretty shy but she’s vowed to behave boldly and go after what she wants – and poor Reese has no clue that his life will forever be changed by this slip of a gal. It’s New Year’s Eve and Dana’s timed her approach perfectly. Oh sure there’s a little ‘blow-up doll’ on his arm but Dana’s determined that she will be the one kissing Reese at midnight. Her initial approach and kiss go off as planned but if she thought Reese was going to gratefully get down and dirty with her she’s got another thought coming. Reese can’t deny that he’s interested in Dana but he’ll never view her in a one night stand type role. He turns down her attempt at seduction despite the spiraling need he feels.

Dana’s stunned when Reese walks away from her, but after discussing the situation with her friend Sandy she decides that giving up is not an option. Dressed to seduce and carrying a picnic basket, Dana pays a visit to Reese’s home - and for Reese, turning her down now proves impossible. Dana only wants a one-night stand and normally Reese would have been okay with that but for the first time ever he wants more … so much more! Unfortunately Dana’s refusing to consider the possibilities. After all if they start an actual romance then the sex would become staid and boring, wouldn’t it?

BATTERIES NOT REQUIRED by Anara Bella is a smoldering hot read that keeps the reader smiling as you read about Dana’s decision to step outside her comfort zone and pursue the man she wants. There are definitely sparks between Reese and Dana that spell good things for this relationship but Dana’s insistence on keeping their association light and temporary complicates things – especially since Reese really wants permanence. This story contains characters you can easily relate to in a believable situation – all while keeping you smiling at their antics. Reese definitely lives up to his reputation and there are scenes that are definitely volcanic… batteries are definitely NOT required! BATTERIES NOT REQUIRED is Anara Bella’s third published story and this story is so much fun she’s cemented herself a place on my ‘authors to watch’ list.

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