Bawdy Bedtime Stories
By Dana
Apr 23, 2008 - 11:55:24 AM

BAWDY BEDTIME STORIES is a stunning collection of short stories with an erotic twist.  Joan Elizabeth Lloyd has done a great job telling these sensual tales with seriousness, wit and sometimes humor.  This book is everything a reader is looking for -entertainment, foreplay or an instruction manual for those seeking adventure. It is an inspiration for your imagination.

It is three AM and Amy is wide awake.  She just can’t sleep with her husband, Steve, snoring loud enough to shake the house.  She is frustrated and tired.  If only she could think of something to relax her enough to fall asleep.  Soon, her hands and fingers begin to roam over her body.  She looks over at Steve and her hands and fingers begin to roam over his body too.  Before long, they are both wide awake.  After some time passes, Amy is very tired, very relaxed and very satisfied.  She thinks she has just discovered a way to cure her insomnia, and Steve thinks it is a better way to stop snoring than anything he has ever tried!

One day a strange man gave Tony Perelli an unusual watch.  A watch that could rewind time up to twenty-four hours.  Tony thought the man was crazy, but there was one area in Tony’s life where the ability to rewind time could come in handy - women.  He has never been smooth or good with women.  He thought he could just ask a lady out, make love to her, and if anything went wrong (as it usually did) he could just rewind time and do it again only perfectly.  He decides to try his theory on Angela, a co-worker he has been attracted to for months.  He builds up enough nerve to ask her out, and to his surprise, she readily accepts.  As the night progresses, he realizes he is having a great time and finds himself in bed with her.  Afterwards, he braces himself for her comments of disappointment.  He is shocked when she just raves about his performance.  Tony realizes he doesn’t need the watch after all.

These are just two of the thirty-eight stories that will tantalize readers.
This collection has at least one story for everyone - from the erotic adventurer to the couple who just want to pep up their relationship.  You will read semi-conservative stories, downright “bawdy” and explicit sexual encounters and everything in between. One story tells of a gentleman’s hilarious experience with this “build-a-broad” and another tells of a married couple who build up courage to lose their sexual inhibitions and enrich their relationship by fully enjoying each other with no boundaries.  BAWDY BEDTIME STORIES has so many facets, it is impossible to justifiably describe.  

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