Bayou Magick

Author: Alicia Sparks

Publisher: New Concepts

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jean Marie has been away from home a long time and is now returning, but her reasons are hidden in a cloud of mystery.  She was involved with Justin a long time ago and he broke her heart.  Now he may be the only man that can help her, but will her troubles follow her back home.

Justin knows that Jean Marie ran away from him so long ago.  Now she’s back and it seems she may be in some kind of trouble.  Justin has thought of nothing but Jean Marie since the day she left town and know he has the opportunity to find out why she left and try to convince her that she belongs by his side.


BAYOU MAGICK is a terrific story that will take you on a journey through the bayous of Louisiana.  Jean Marie is a wonderful character and her self-reliance is to be admired.  Justin is the hero who has waited patiently for his love to return and now will do any and everything to keep her at his side.  Jean and Justin are perfect for each other and the reader knows from the second they reunite and the sparks start to fly.  Alicia Sparks has done an awesome job of telling this couples emotional tale.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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