Be Mine
By Natasha Smith
Feb 5, 2007 - 8:27:00 AM

Jana is anxiously trying to remember how her friends were able to talk her into participating in a Valentine’s Day charity auction.  Wearing an outrageously sexy dress better suited to someone with less curves - but unknowingly perfect for her - Jana hears the bidding begin.  When her ex-husband’s twin brother wins the auction, Jana is unprepared for the emotions she sees teeming in his eyes.    

Rule has waited long enough.  Having been in love with Jana for years, he knows that he can fulfill her needs and fantasies, unlike his twin.  When the auction begins, nothing stands in his way and Rule wins hands down.  Ready to claim her, Rule is aroused and completely in tune with the sensual looks that Jana is throwing his way.  Meeting her at her home after having a ‘talk’ with Lawe, his brother, Rule is not about to let Jana slip through his fingers again.  Now all he has to do is convince her that what he and she feel for each other is right and true.


BE MINE is a simply spectacular Valentine’s Day read!  Having only read Loribelle Hunt’s werewolf novels, I was thrilled to discover that her versatility in writing extends to contemporary stories as well.  There was nothing about BE MINE that I didn’t like, and so much about it that I adored.  Rule is simply divine; I could really picture the love he felt for Jana.  Jana’s character, while hesitant about making relationship mistakes, is a complementary blend of strong will and vulnerability.  I thrived on watching their emotions spark off each other during their interactions.


BE MINE could be about anyone burned from a former relationship and scared to begin anew.  I thought it extremely well written and once again, newcomer to the literary world, Loribelle Hunt, has provided me with a provocative, yet tender read.  I am officially a fan girl!

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