Be My Everything
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 23, 2012 - 10:24:16 AM

Katherine Sierra has always been attracted to older, commanding men and never been satisfied with any of her past sexual experiences.  Fortunately one of her friends recognized her submissive tendencies and invited her to a BDSM play party.  That’s where she notices a dynamic man she’s very interested in subbing for – if she can even get him to look at her application.  It’s no secret that Lucas is very selective and the women he takes as subs are experienced so where does that leave Katherine?

Lucas Cain is a successful business man and the same intensity that serves him so well in the business world carries over into his personal life.  He has certain expectations of any woman who subs for him and because of that any woman interested in the position is carefully screened and interviewed.  Normally Lucas wouldn’t even consider a newbie to the BDSM scene as a submissive but something about Katherine tempts him – even though he knows that she could prove to be more troublesome than he desires.


Despite his misgivings about taking Katherine on as his submissive Lucas decides to offer her a contract and a test weekend.  It’s obvious that she’s very naïve about the lifestyle and that’s a huge concern so he does suggest that she do some research and makes sure that she has no illusions about him falling in love with her.  He doesn’t want to start off their sessions with false expectations and therefore makes sure that Katherine knows that her sessions with him will be about taking care of their physical and mental needs and maybe some emotional needs but there will be no falling in love or happily ever after.  Katherine readily agrees to his terms but nothing could prepare her for dealing with Lucas’s flip flopping moments.  One minute their interactions are everything she could hope for, the next minute he seems to be rejecting her.  Because she’s so inexperienced she isn’t sure what to think… especially when Lucas brings his friend and mentor Collin into the playroom for an evening. 


Ella Jade’s BE MY EVERYTHING is a fun read because the characters are so different yet blend perfectly.  Lucas is obviously the Dominant in the relationship but readers will be able to see some real power in Katherine’s position as well.  She actually seems to become bolder and more daring as the story progresses but she remains unsure and conflicted by her relationship with Lucas.  As readers we’re able to see that Lucas is struggling with his growing feelings for Katherine and even secretly delight in that fact, but Katherine isn’t privy to the same information and is discomfited by some of his behavior.  BE MY EVERYTHING is a fast paced storyline that will have you anxiously bouncing in your seat in anticipation of what will happen between Katherine and Lucas next. 


This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Jade but I’ll certainly be picking up more of her titles in the very near future.  One in particular, THE LONELY DOMINANT, has caught my eye.  It definitely looks like it would be another drool worthy tale.

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