Be Still, My Heart
By Nadine St. Denis
Apr 1, 2005 - 8:20:00 AM

Andrea Martin loves her job as a therapeutic dietician for a large Halifax hospital. Her natural affinity for understanding the patients plight makes her a favorite in the hospital, especially on the cardiac ward. The patients might adore her company and comforting hugs, but the brilliant cardiac surgeon, Dr. Braeden Landry, does not. He disapproves of what he sees as a too familiar bedside manner; she disapproves of his wildly talked about womanizing ways.

As these two head strong individuals continue to spare verbally, Braeden begins to see the lovely Andrea as not only a beautiful woman, but also one who is highly intelligent, and who doesn't hesitate to put him in his place. Which is quite a novelty for him. As he tries to win her over, he is surprised by her resistance and his desire to keep trying. He is also starting to get the feeling that she is hiding something from him. Something so important that it might affect the outcome of their budding relationship.



Andrea can't help but be a little annoyed by the fact that she is attracted to the charismatic and handsome Dr. Landry. Who wants to be one of many?


She is not the type to have a casual fling, and, if he ever finds out about her secret, she is certain that the popular doctor will walk out of her life without a backward glance. What hurts her the most, is that she knows that when he leaves, he will end up taking her heart with him.


BE STILL, MY HEART by the very talented Carol McPhee is a warm and wonderful story that is so tenderly touching, it is sure to tug on every heartstring. I whole heartedly encourage all readers to buy this engaging novel.

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