Be With Me

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley HEAT

Release Date: November 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Ever since their sexual encounter over a year ago Regina ‘Reggie’ Fallon has been running from her best friends Hutch, Cam and Sawyer and the feelings she has for them.  While she grew up with all the monetary advantages afforded a small town politician's daughter, the one thing she lacked was a loving family.  She's never regretted her decision to go into law enforcement as a police officer, but a vicious attack by an unknown assailant forces her to reevaluate what she truly wants in life.  Due to the extent of her injuries, she'll be a captive audience of the men she's tried so hard to avoid.

Hutch, Cam and Sawyer all come from disadvantaged backgrounds and were fortunate enough to be taken into Birdie’s loving home.  They didn’t have much growing up but they did have each other.  Once they met Reggie none could imagine his life without her.  They certainly never thought they’d be willing to share the love of their lives with each other but they also realize that Reggie will never choose one of them over the others. 


Hutch, Cam and Sawyer have allowed Reggie to ‘run’ over the past year but that comes to a screeching halt when Birdie calls from Reggie’s bedside at the hospital.  Reggie knows that her job as a police officer involves a certain amount of risk, but even she’s stunned when what should have been a routine police call results into a struggle for her life.  When she wakes up in the hospital she remembers very little about the attack and she’s relieved to hear that Birdie did not call her parents, but horrified to learn that she did call Hutch, Cam and Sawyer.  She isn’t interested in enduring their testosterone driven protective mode.  Add in the sexual tension that is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore and it’s a situation sure to lead to spontaneous combustion.


Once Reggie is released from the hospital and goes to the police station to give a statement she remembers that the assailant called her by name and made a statement that leads her to believe that the attack was personal.  Reggie’s father focuses on appearances and making statements to the press which Reggie couldn’t care less about - her concern is centered on the attacker’s statement.  Who had he hoped to hurt by killing her?


Maya Banks has maintained her status as one of my favorite authors and with every new book of hers I read my awe of her talent continues to grow.  BE WITH ME is a heart-touching story from beginning to end with many unexpected twists and turns.  I loved Reggie’s spunky kick-butt attitude and obvious love for her three best friends.    Hutch, Cam and Sawyer present a united front in their love for Reggie.  Ms. Banks tells this story in such a way that I was able to get to ‘know’ each of the men as an individual and can easily understand why Reggie wouldn’t be able to or even want to choose between them - I wouldn’t have been able to either.


From the moment I picked this book up I was unable to put it down. Emotionally charged, BE WITH ME is sure to have your pulse skyrocketing as you immerse yourself in this storyline and its loveable characters.  One of the things I especially love was that I had no clue as to the identity of the attacker and once it was revealed I was stunned.  I believe BE WITH ME is Ms. Banks best book yet so make sure you add this one to your TBR (to be read) list now.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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