Be With You
By Angel
Mar 16, 2008 - 6:18:34 PM

Sage has wanted Rally for a long time now.   Although she was thrown into his family as a child and he obviously didn’t like it, he has taken over watching out for her.   Sage fears that Rally will never see her as anything other than the helpless little girl that came to him so long ago.   Sage can’t waste her time longing for Rally, she has to make a life of her own.

Rally knows that Sage is intelligent and efficient which is why she works for him.   He knows that she has a bit of a crush on him, hence the fights with his girlfriend.   She totally shocks him when she decides that she has had enough and decides to go out and find a man so she can have the life she’s always wanted.   Rally has a major problem with that, but what can he do about it?


BE WITH YOU is a story you can really get into from the first page.   At times I found myself upset with Sage and wanting to scream, “just move on girl”.   Rally is sexy but at the same time a complete and total jerk in the beginning.   Let me say that Rally and Sage are very complex characters and you feel every emotional interaction that happens between them.   Sage is a character with determination and her reasonable thinking is a plus.   Adding to the story is Rally’s girlfriend, who has the tendency to be a real witch.   Marie Rochelle has written an enchanting story about two people who just can’t seem to get it together and watching them try is an adventure.

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