Beach Blanket Bad Boys

Author: Linda Lael Miller, Alison Kent, Lucy Monroe, Jill Shalvis, Susanna Carr, Morgan Leigh

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: June 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Batteries Not Included by Linda Lael Miller


Gayle Hayes spent her teenage years in Parable, Montana living in the back of the bar where her mother was part-owner.  She fell hard for Tristan McCollough and left town when they broke up.  Ten years have passed and now her mother is selling her interest in the bar.  She asked paralegal Gayle, who was recently downsized out of her job to travel to Parable to make sure things go smoothly.  Gayle has never gotten over Tristan and hopes to avoid him, but luck isn't on her side.  What will happen when she sees him face-to-face?  Has he moved on?

I loved seeing everything from Gayle's perspective.  An excellent reunion story, BATTERIES NOT REQUIRED is as funny as it is hot.



Sara Smiles by Alison Kent


Sara Wade has planned a romantic getaway with her long-time boyfriend, Jax Stacey.  Six months earlier Jax asked her to marry him.  Sara turned him down, afraid that making such a big change would end up ruining their relationship.  But Sara has had a change of heart.  She realizes that marriage doesn't have to signal the end of a relationship.  Now Jax is the one who needs convincing.  He wants to be sure Sara has changed her mind for the right reasons.  Can Sara prove it's because she's realized just how much she loves him?


The detailed scenes between Sara and Jax are sizzling but there's much more to their relationship than just hot sex.  SARA SMILES squeezes a whole lot of story into a few pages.



Seducing Tabby by Lucy Monroe


There's a mysterious Englishman in town.  Calder Maxell is gorgeous, he owns a luxury boat and nearly every female in Port Diamond is lusting after him.  Tabby Payton is no exception but she's certain Calder is far more interested in her very sweet younger sister.  Helene happens to be tall, thin and gorgeous, unlike shy Tabby.  When Calder asks Tabby to dance at a Yacht Club party she assumes he only wants to pump her for information about Helene.  She would like nothing more than to be wrong about his motives but experience has always shown that men want her sister, not her.  But Calder seems to know an awful lot about Tabby.  It's almost as if he's been asking people about her instead of Helene.  Is it possible that Calder is truly interested in her?


SEDUCING TABBY is a beautiful combination of sweet and sensual.  Tabby sincerely believes men are completely uninterested in her, yet she isn't the slightest bit jealous of her sister.  Tabby is so deserving of love and I hoped she would find it with Calder!



Captivated by Jill Shalvis


Ella Scott is insatiably curious, which led to her career as an insurance investigator.  Unfortunately it also led to her current predicament: handcuffed to the towel bar in the bathroom of her own cottage in Baja.  When her soon-to-be ex-husband James walks in she can't decide whether or not she's relieved.  He's a cop, so at least he can get her free of the handcuffs!  But James left her because her job is so dangerous and this isn't going to help matters.  He's just plain scared for Ella.   But she wants him to accept her for who she is, job and all.   And they may be nearly divorced but that doesn't mean they want each other any less.  Can they find a way to understand each other's needs and fears and stay together?


CAPTIVATED is filled with hot, detailed scenes.  What chemistry between Ella and James!  I knew they wouldn't find it easy, but I really hoped they could both unbend a little and save their relationship.



Sister Switch by Susanna Carr


Tracy and Jessica Parks are identical twins but their personalities are definitely not alike.  Tracy is a risk taker and Jessica is the sensible, stable one.  So when Tracy asks Jessica to take her place as the bride at her wedding rehearsal, it isn't easy to get her sister to agree.  Tracy eventually gets her way but her tricky business deal she skipped the rehearsal to conduct falls through.  Then she's late getting back to Seattle for her own wedding to a man she doesn't even love.  And she's caught sneaking into the honeymoon suite by the one man she really does love.  Can she call off her wedding and convince him they belong together?


One twin points out that there's a reason they hardly ever try to switch places: it doesn't work!   SISTER SWITCH is a fun-to-read story with a healthy portion of steam that proves her right.



Spencer For...Ever by Morgan Leigh


Arden Prescott is back on Martha's Vineyard for the first time in ten years.  She's been through some difficult times since she last saw the island and she's hoping to turn her life around.  She always felt safe and comfortable in her family's summer home and she wants Kip Spencer back in her life.  Unlike the rich Prescott family, he has always lived on Martha's Vineyard year-round.  He has no intention of getting involved with Arden again, only to have things end when September rolls around.  Can the determined Arden convince Kip there's nothing temporary about what she wants?


SPENCER FOR...EVER is another first-rate reunion story, with some heart-stopping moments and blistering-hot encounters.  After all Arden had been through, I truly hoped she would find a way to attain her heart's desire.



Every story in this terrific six-pack sizzles.  Who wouldn't want these bad boys for her own beach blanket?  Be prepared to blast the air conditioner and keep plenty of ice water handy!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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