Beantown Heat

Author: Jaxine Daniels

Publisher: eXtasy books

Release Date: January 2004 - no longer available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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THE PROFESSOR AND MARYANN- Maryann Lithgow has been putting off taking the fiction writing class for two years. This was the last class she needed to take, to get her degree to get her promotion to corporate. Maryann hated this class and she just could not understand why every girl at school though Professor Jamison was so hot, the man was a total loser with his wire-frame glasses and his tan suits.

Fiction writing was one of Michael's favorite classes to teach, he loved inspiring his students to write with emotion and to explore all five senses. When his student named Maryann was in danger of flunking his class he decided to give her a little extra help in learning about the five senses.


DESIRE DELAYED- Desiree Bishop needed to find someone to fill the vacant position on the board of directors at Boston College. The other members decided it should be a person involved with sports preferably hockey. When Desiree's ex-husband Greg showed interest in the position, Desiree decided to approach her son's old coach Ryan Magnussen.


Ryan Magnussen has had a crush on Desiree for twenty years, ever since him and Greg were team mates and roomed together while they played hockey. When Desiree approached Ryan with a proposition, Ryan makes one of his own to Desiree. His terms where simple, he would take the position on the board and in return she would be his for an entire weekend.


ALMOST AN INGENUE- It has been over four years since Victoria Scott has gotten to do anything fun and exciting that didn't involve her granddaughter. Since her daughter and granddaughter moved out she decided to head to her beach house and take a much needed vacation. She wasn't counting on her neighbors dog startling her, causing her to fall and break her arm.


Calvin "Bucky" Buchanan could never forget how beautiful Victoria was. He was eleven-years-old when she used to come baby-sit him and his siblings even then he had a huge crush on her. Now she was back staying right next door, still just as beautiful as he remembers, only now Bucky is all grown up. When his dog causes Victoria to fall and in need of someone to take care of her, Bucky sees it as the perfect opportunity to show Victoria just how grown up he has become.


Jaxine Daniels has done a great job in creating this steamy novella that will leave the reader breathless. BEANTOWN HEAT takes the reader into the lives of three different couples, each uniquely different but all incredibly sexy. I highly recommend BEANTOWN HEAT to anyone that is in need of a little summer vacation.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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