Beautiful Dreamer

Author: Cynthianna Appel

Publisher: Triskelion Publishing

Release Date: March 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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When Marianne Chalmers was having trouble sleeping her friend Dulcie Garcia took her to a healer for some sleeping potion. The potion was supposed to help her sleep but little did Marianne know that while she was sleeping her dreams were coming true.

Marianne's late night activities have the Starling County Sheriff; Cody Greene really worried. It was not like her to be walking around so late at night and what could she need at the library at two in the morning? When Cody realized that Marianne was sleepwalking he decided to follow her and make sure nothing happened to her. Cody followed Marianne in to the library and found her dressed as a fair maiden, and she was determined to seduce her knight in shining armor. As hard as Cody tried he just could not resist Marianne's seduction.

After two nights of Marianne's sleepwalking and seducing Cody in the library, Cody knew he had to tell Marianne what was going on. With the rodeo in town this week and all the activities leading up to it, along with the bulls that seem to keep escaping from their pens, Cody just never seemed to find the time to talk to Marianne. But that didn't stop Cody from thinking about Marianne, could it be that this confirmed bachelor has finally found the woman who could coral his heart? When Cody finally tells Marianne the truth about their late night rendezvous will she forgive him for taking advantage of her while she slept?

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER is a fun romance that brings together two people that are truly meant for each other. Cynthianna Appel is such a talented writer, I felt like I got to know all the people in Starling County and could see how much they all cared for each other. If you like humor, romance, and hot love scenes I would definitely recommend reading BEAUTIFUL DREAMER.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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