Beautiful Girl
By Scarlet
Mar 21, 2008 - 2:48:59 PM

Delilah Prescott is a spoiled princess living in the family palace.  She has everything her heart desires, or does she?  When she leaves to study abroad, she disappears with no word for twelve years.  Now she has returned to Prescott, Tennessee a changed woman.  She has come from Cincinnati to put the past to rest once and for all. What will Blake think of the woman she has become? 

Blake Mitchell has loved Del forever, it seems.  The years since she left have changed him, though.  Battling Stage III Hodgkin’s Disease and surviving will change a man forever.  Now fully cancer free, he doubts the years have changed Del as much as they have him.  His preconceived notions take a beating when he lays eyes on her for the first time in twelve years; Del is not the same DeeDee he knew in high school.  This woman has been to hell and come out stronger on the other side. What happened to her and why did she leave?


My heart broke for Delilah, and I suffered alongside her.  She is a strong but tortured woman teetering on a fine edge.  Ruled by her past but wanting to move forward, she reaches to the deepest part of her soul to gain the strength needed to face the ugliness.  The emotional depth Shiloh Walker reaches with Del’s story makes her feel like so much more than a fictional character, it makes her feel like a beloved friend.  I cried my eyes out, I cheered her on and I applauded her strength.  She is a heroine I will not forget.  Blake and his gentle care of Del is a beautiful thing to witness.  His love, patience and protectiveness toward her are vividly portrayed by the author.  He is strong, gentle, a noble warrior who epitomizes the romantic hero in this reader’s eyes.  He is easily one of the most memorable heroes I have encountered.  The storyline is inventive with plenty of edginess to have this reader finishing it in one sitting.  I will never forget BEAUTIFUL GIRL, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an intense and dramatic tale.  Bravo, Ms. Walker, this one is a “keeper” for me.

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