Beauty and the Billionaire

Author: Barbara Dunlop

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Sinclair Lewis spends one night in Hunters bed, and then walks out. Months later, Hunter becomes the CEO of Luscious Lavender, the same company that employs Sinclair. While Sinclair talks business, Hunter is thinking about their one nightstand. Hunter remembers just how sweet she looked in his bed. Sinclair knows she can use their past to further herself in the company, but she doesnt want to do business that way. Although, she wouldnt mind being a part of Hunters private life.

They cant let the rest of the employees at Luscious Lavender know of the intimacy they once shared. If they begin that relationship again, they must meet secretly. To begin with, they meet for business reasons, but then it quickly turns into personal thoughts and desires. They try to keep their passion under control, but their emotions are like fire that ignites with little fanning.

When Roger, the former CEO, refuses any plans Sinclair tries to run past him, she turns to Hunter and gains his full support. Sinclair has the idea that if they could get the prestigious Millennium Spa to take on their entire line of beauty products, it would be a wonderful boost to the company. When the Millennium Spa refuse her because of their contract with another company, she takes it in stride. She and Hunter set their sites on an even bigger company, The Crystal. They are a company with overseas connections.

As Sinclair and Hunter discuss ways to get the company more successful, they have problems with some of the other employees. Chantal knows nothing about the business world, but she knows how to use her looks to get noticed. When Chantal gets in the way of Sinclair's plans for the Valentine Day Ball, Sinclair is furious.

Sinclair and Hunter need to make this Valentine Day Party the event that sets Luscious Lavender Cosmetics apart from the others. Will they succeed, or will Sinclair's former boss, Roger and Chantal destroy everything they are working to accomplish?

Barbara Dunlops novel, BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE, is a fiery, red-hot story sure to get your emotions stirring. Sinclair is a gutsy, exciting woman who goes after what she wants in the business world. She doesnt use her feminine wiles to get her way, but uses her business savvy instead. Hunter is a man like his name. Not only is he the best in the corporate world, but he has discovered a woman that can match him. In Sinclair, he finds a woman who sets his bed on fire and rocks the corporate foundations.

Barbaras pages explode with power plays and sensual tension. Thrilling confections of status within the company are drawn between Sinclair and Chantal as they battle over their jobs and appearances. I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation on who succeeds. Will Sinclair and Hunter's playful bantering ignite an intimacy that last longer than their one night stand? You'll have to pick up your own copy of BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE to find out!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amelia

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