Bed Rest

Author: Sarah Bilston

Publisher: Harper Collins

Release Date: May 2, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Quinn Boothroyd, known to all her friends and family as "Q", seems to have it all. A high-powered career, a loving husband and now a baby on the way. Q is thrown for a loop when a visit to the obstetrician reveals she is having some problems with her pregnancy and must go on strict bed rest if she is to have a healthy baby. This is certainly not on Q's growing list of a "Modern Woman's List of Things to Do Before Hitting 30".  Q is determined to make the best of a rough situation and figures she will have lots of time to watch television and do relaxing things that had not been a part of her previously busy life. She had not realized how much time she and her husband spent apart until he is the one who seems to be always at work while she is lonely at home. Q realizes her husband must work long hours to make partner, but she is afraid for the future.

Q also has plenty of time to get deeply involved with a co-worker who feeds Q's sweet tooth while pressing her for advice on her illicit affair. Q becomes involved in a legal dispute between some elderly neighbors and their landlord, too. As if that weren't enough to keep her mind occupied, she begins to ponder on her own past family dynamics.

Q is an engaging and charming heroine.  She tells her story in diary form, which works perfectly to let the reader get a full glimpse into all that in going on in her mind. BED REST is chick-lit grown up with a heroine who has found a life for herself, but still has questions about its meaning. Her husband,Tom, is loving, but he has pressures of his own. The author has developed an assortment of secondary characters who will keep you laughing.
Even if you have never been pregnant, you will have a whole new empathy for mothers-to-be. Ms. Bliston balances humor and honesty in this captivating debut novel. The author promises a sequel, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, and I will be first in line to read it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Roberta Austin

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