Bed of Roses
By lacey
Mar 13, 2010 - 9:26:27 PM

All of her life, Emma Grant wanted to fall in love. As a florist, working with her best friends at Vows, a full service wedding planning company, she caters to women who have found Mr. Right all the time. So why was her Mr. Right nowhere in sight?

Enter Jack Cooke, an architect and long time friend of the women at Vows. He has a secret crush on Emma and has just walked back into her life after being gone for a while. He is commitment shy and just wants to remain friends with Emma, but despite his feelings, their relationship heats up with an undeniable passion.


History and friendship play an important role in the two falling in love. Emma knows what she wants, but can Jack get over his fears and succumb to the love that he feels for her?


BED OF ROSES, a touching, warmhearted love story, is the second book in Nora Robert’s Bride Quartet series. I like the bond of friendship between the four women of Vows. There is an impossibly warm, acute connection between the four of them that touches the heart. Emma and Jack are perfect for each other. As with all Nora Robert books, the main characters are flawed and real, touching the reader with a sense of emotion that only Ms. Roberts can achieve with her writing. I thoroughly enjoyed BED OF ROSES and cheering for Emma and Jack as they discover the power of love in all its permutations. A winning love story and deft expose' of our desires of what love is supposed to mean.

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