Bedded by the Desert King

Author: Susan Stephens

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: November 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Zara Kingston is a wildlife photographer in search of one thing; Sheikh Shahin, the sole man responsible for the death of her parents.  She becomes more and more resolute to find him each time money is deposited into her bank account.  She refuses to use the money on herself, but instead funds various wildlife projects near and dear to her heart.  While she is in the desert of Zaddara, she sites a riveting image through her camera, and is unable to stop herself from zooming in to watch a man discard his clothes and prepare to bathe.  With her attention captivated by the scene before her, Zara is slow to realize that the handsome man has a guard; a guard who is headed straight for her.

Sheikh Shahin is disgusted and disappointed that his bath, all the way out in the secluded desert, has been ruined by a bold invasion of his privacy.  When his bodyguard shows him just what, or rather, who, invaded his solitude, Shahin is at first angered by the beautiful woman’s inappropriate desert supplies, and then aroused by the sight of her loveliness.  After ordering her to his tent, Shahin plans to find out exactly why the beauty is in the desert and why she is taking pictures of his camp.


Though determined to interrogate Zara, Shahin knows that to touch her is forbidden because of her virginal status.  He also knows that she holds him responsible for the death of her family.  Will he be able to keep pure what is forbidden?  And will Zara be able to come to grips with her feelings for the charismatic Sheik?


BEDDED BY THE DESERT KING swept me away with its intense emotions and powerful storyline.  The idea of a virginal heroine that is untouchable intrigued me, and I found Susan Stephens’ characterization of both Zara and Shahin heartwarming.  Unrealistic as virginity may sound, I relished watching Shahin struggle with his self control, because when he and Zara were able to consummate their love, it was that much sweeter.


Susan Stephens caught my attention with BEDDED BY THE DESERT KING and I was unable to let go.  I long to read more from this talented author.   

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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