Bedtime Stories

Author: Madeleine Oh

Publisher: Phaze/Mundania Press

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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BEDTIME STORIES, an erotic anthology by Madeleine Oh, consists of eight short stories, ranging from five to thirteen pages a piece.

The first story, PASTORAL, starts with Abbie wrecking her car on the way to meet her lover, Rob, at The Green Man, an inn in the country. Not far from the rendezvous point, Abbie doesn't let the accident slow her down from her tryst. She tromps across hill and dale, in a storm, and makes herself at home in the tub. A lover shows up soon after and joins her. Ms. Oh gives us a steamy time and a questionable ending (in a paranormal surprise) to the first tale that has us anxiously turning pages.
AT LONG LAST is a surprising story of quiet revenge against a man named Alec. His second wife, Emily, invites Jasmine, an author who once loved Alec, to visit. When Alec is called away to business, the ladies frolic.
In LEATHER LOVE, Jean-Luc gives Annie a gift of a leather corset and then proceeds to draw a sexual analogy.
OUR WOMEN KNOW WHAT TO DO is an introduction into Muslim culture where the women in this story share intimacies that will make you wince.
THE BONDAGE BED - when Auntie Fluff dies, no one but Marie wants her bed. Until she meets Luke, though, Marie has no idea what type of antique bed she's acquired. This introduction into bondage might send you out in search of old furniture.
A STRING OF PEARLS is the gift Robert gives his wife on their anniversary, but they don't go around her neck. This sensual short will have you looking at adult toys and smiling at the calendar.
Pete cooks up some lamb and after dinner entertainment for Alicia, the likes of which sent his last two girlfriends running. THE KISS OF THE BLADE is foreplay, for sure.
READY is another tale featuring Annie, Jean-Luc and one of his gifts.

All in all, Madeleine Oh delivers great imagery while exploring some unconventional territory. If you're looking for a tease and thinking about reaching out of your comfort zone, you'll probably enjoy the smooth way she presents the possibilities.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Carys

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