Bedtime for Bonsai
By Dottie
Dec 1, 2008 - 4:20:14 PM

Even if Penelope Porter has no luck with men, she has her clever, lovable puppy to come home to after spending the day working at her shop Pen Perfect.  It is so bad that she has resorted to setting up a date with her ex-husband just to have a date…the same man who refused to give her a baby.  But as soon as they broke up, he got his girlfriend pregnant, which broke Penny’s heart.  Now all of Penny’s friends are married or getting married except
Georgia, who admits she is a committed floozy.

Dylan Mersey is setting up a new pottery shop across the street from Pen Perfect on a Foley Foundation grant.  He was living in his mother’s home in Baltimore, supposedly to take care of her, but all of her drinking made him realize how foolish that was so he had to get away.  Growing up in Baltimore with his friend Pinky made them linked for life, practically blood brothers.  After he was picked up for some petty larceny and the police decided to check his mother’s house where she had drugs that he knew nothing about, he took the rap rather than send his mother to jail.  Spending two years in jail gave him a felony charge on his record.  During this time Pinky did some huge favors for him, helping with his mother so he knows he owes Pinky.  So when Pinky calls in a favor, he is finding it hard to turn him down, although that is just what he wants to do.  This is supposed to be his fresh start; he has moved to another state and managed to get this new shop going with the grant he was given.  Trying to get healthy in his fresh start, Dylan has started training for a marathon and meets Glenn, who becomes his running partner and is also Penny’s ex-husband.


One night right after moving to the new area, Pinky found him and took him out for some drinks.  Returning home drunk, he couldn’t find his keys, so he staggered to Penny’s door and knocked to see if he could use her phone, but she, frightened and not knowing him, called the police and Dylan was arrested…the last thing he needed.  Unbeknownst to them, Bonsai is inside Dylan’s shop.  After Penny spends a restless night and the next day trying to find Bonsai, even putting out flyers for him, she sees Dylan with him outside.  This is the beginning of Bonsai playing matchmaker.  Whenever Penny cannot find Bonsai, she goes to Dylan’s shop and find him there, though neither one of them know how he gets there.  Soon things become very heated between them.  Will she still stand behind Dylan when the crime rate in this little town goes up and he is the prime suspect?  Will she give him the trust that is needed for a true relationship?


BEDTIME FOR BONSAI is a delightful contemporary romance.  At first Penelope cannot get a man of her own, they are all interested in her friends.  Then she is caught between two men, her cheating ex-husband who is still keeping secrets from her and bad boy, ex-con Dylan who insists he is trying to make a fresh start.  Readers will find themselves rooting for Dylan who tries to avoid Penny although he cares for her deeply as he feels that she can do better for herself.  Bonsai, the preciously clever puppy is a delight and adds real appeal to the story.  Brimming with humor, snappy dialogue, steamy love scenes, romance, wonderful friends and a cute, cuddly puppy, BEDTIME FOR BONSAI is definitely a winner.  I read it in one sitting, as I could not put it down once I started reading.  I recommend BEDTIME FOR BONSAI for those who love something extra with their romance.

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