Before Night Falls

Author: Jeya Jenson

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Release Date: May 2003

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Rachel Marks is a healthy, vibrant, 33 year old woman that owns a bookstore in a thriving downtown subdivision.  Well, at least she was a bookstore owner until the Warren Mall forced her to close her shop for good, leaving herself and her only employee, Ginny, jobless, and out of business.

On the brink of being broke, only having a little money left in the bank, since profits have gone downhill a great deal recently, leaves Rachel angry, and wondering what she will do.  So she skims the want ads, hoping to find something available so she can at least pay her rent.

After a long search, Rachel comes over a job that appeals to her, how or why, she doesn't know, but she knows she must answer the ad that is "reaching" out to her. HOSTESS WANTED, it read. Mystique Nightclub. Also hiring waitresses and kitchen staff. Experienced only need apply.

Devon Carnavorne, the mysterious owner of the Mystique Night club, hires Rachel on the spot.  Her beauty stirs desires he often feels, but not as strong.  He must possess her, slowly tantalizing her and wooing her in order to give her passage to his world.  One of eternal life, filled with orgies, vampires, and blood exchanges.  Though he must treat her gently at first, soon enough he will have her, ALL of her for always.

Rachel Marks assumes she has just stepped into a world of waiting tables, avoiding drunken, hand roaming customers, and tips that she knows she can rely on to help her through her bout with poverty.  Things start to look even better than she expected, being promoted not long after her hiring into a management position with the club, a salary she can definitely live with.  But with her promotion and no more worry's about where next months rent is going to come from, she has also opened herself up to a world of the bizarre, no matter how sensual it makes her feel, she soon realizes that she has taken a totally different path in her life.  A path she is unsure that her 'mortal' heart can handle.

I did read this rather quickly; meaning in one setting, so you know it must have drawn my attention for sure.   It isn't the type of story I would normally read, with the erotica.  I do not recommend this be read by anyone under the age of 18, as the erotic images it portrays are very, very, visual.   Pick up a copy, you'll be as surprised as I was.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dawn Mercier

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