Before the Storm
By Scarlet
Jun 1, 2008 - 5:54:20 AM

is a woman who has made a few mistakes; one in particular nearly cost the life of her wonderful son Andy.  Drinking during her pregnancy caused him to have developmental issues.  Guilty and overprotective, she is determined to be the best mother she can.  When a local church social takes Andy out of her immediate orbit, she is fretful though determined to loosen the apron strings.  When she hears the building has caught fire she is frantic to find her Andy, but Andy is playing hero by rescuing several other children from the inferno.  Basking in the role of his newfound fame, Andy is finally being seen as the special person he really is.  Will accusations ruin the glory for Andy and force Laurel to look at her son in a different way?

BEFORE THE STORM is a compelling story that kept me engrossed from the onset.  Each character’s personality is gradually revealed, revealing their flaws and internal struggles.  I was immediately captivated with Andy and all of his boyish charm.  This is an intensely realistic family that stands by each other through thick and thin.  I intend to buy several copies for friends and family.


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