Beginner's Luck
By Kimberly Leslie
May 1, 2006 - 7:21:00 AM

What Hallie nees right now is a job.  How else is she going to obtain enough money to buy a car if she can't play cards during school anymore?  So Hallie sets out to find a job and in a hurry.  She lands one rather quickly, a yards person to be exact.  She can't be choosy; any job is a good job, so she accepts the offer and starts working for Mrs. Olivia Stockton as her yard-keeper.

It turns out that Mrs. Stockton is not as weird as Hallie first thought and she finds herself actually enjoying her time there.  Before long Hallie realizes that she fits right in with this quirky family.  What is even more surprising since the first day of meeting them, Hallie considers everyone as part of her own family.  And she's having the time of her life; learning things she never thought were even possible!

Each character adds an important blend to the story!  The grandmother type-Mrs. Stockton, writes poetry and soft porn; she loves life for what it really is.  Bernard-the gay son, will make your mouth water with the delicious meals he whips up.  And a few more characters that you're going to have to buy the book to find out about!

One thing is for sure is that when you toss them together the characters seem to be perfectly matched in many ways that before long you'll feel they really have a family connection that everyone wants and needs.

BEGINNER'S LUCK is a fast-paced story that will keep you turning page after page just trying to keep up with the trouble that Hallie is dealing with.  She is stuck in a large family, kicked out of school and so close to being arrested it isn't funny!  Some parts will have you laughing out loud and you'll hurry through the current scene because you know the next one is even funnier!

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