Behind The Mask

Author: Joey W. Hill

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Board Resolution by Joey W. Hill

Savannah Tennyson was raised by her deceased father, Geoffrey to take over the family business Tennyson Industries.  He raised her to be ruthless with his rules of how to run a business that still hang on her wall.  She arrived for her meeting with Matthew Lord Kensington and his management team at Kensington and Associates for what she believed to be just an ordinary meeting with these piranhas of Wall Street.  Her sparring with Matt during a business deal was as close to having hot sex a she thought she could get.  Savannah was astounded when Matt quickly showed her that this would be a night she would not soon forget.

Savannah is so into the business aspect of their relationship that she has never realized that Matt loves her more than life itself and will go to any length to wake her up to his feelings.  Matt and his team trust, protect, and love her with all that they have, but they understood only Matt holds the key to her heart.  Savannah is placed in a very scary, but erotic position for her night of surprises.  Each member of his team shows her his special gift of erotic pleasure to help her surrender the harsh emotions of the cold and bitter life her father raised her in.  Will Savannah be able to let go of the chains that bind her so she can receive the love that Matt offers?


Mardi Gras by Lacey Alexander

Mia Sanderson has had a crush on her boss Ty Brewer, her brother's best friend, for many years.  He does not seem to realize that she is not a good little girl any more, but a fully grown sexually aroused woman.  Mia overhears Ty and his friend discussing certain pleasures that Ty would like to try with a woman, so she decides to disguise herself for one night of hot sex with the man she knows she will never really have to satisfy her urges. 


Mia introduces herself as Mina and she takes Ty home to a night of pure ecstasy.  He has never been with a woman like her before and to his surprise wants more.  What will he do when he realizes who she really is?


Hidden Desires by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Lily is on holiday at Marti Gras when she finally comes upon the mask that matches her beautiful gown that she will be wearing for Suzy's masquerade ball.  She does not realize the special powers that it possesses. 


She is approached at the dance by a very handsome man who is disguised as a highwayman.  He introduces himself as Andrew, but since he is wearing a mask, Lily does not realize that he works at the same company she does and has wanted to be with her for several months now.  Lily decides she wants to create her own fantasies so she and Andrew go back to his hotel room.  The night if filled with magic as they experience the heat of each other bodies.  Lily gets her vengeance on Andrew when she finds out the next morning of who he really is. 


These three deliciously erotic mask-wearing tales will keep your intimate juices boiling.  You will loose all inhibitions when you read and experience the deeds of the BOARD RESOLUTIONS.  All fantasies are possible when you attend the MARDI GRAS.  Strangers wearing masks can be full of luscious surprises when they show you their most HIDDEN DESIRES.  Ice will not be able to cool down the heat that will occur while you turn the pages of these stories.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Briana Burress

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