Being a Bad Girl

Author: Julie Cohen

Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern Extra

Release Date: April 2006 (UK)

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Marianne Webb is tired of being perfect.  Her family is practically royalty in the town of Webb, South Carolina, and it's not easy to live up to the responsibilities associated with the Webb family name.  Everyone has always expected perfection from her and she has always delivered.  Well, Marianne is incredibly tired of being a good girl.  When she found out that her perfect fiancĂ© only wanted to marry her for her connections, it was the last straw.  She wants to live her own life, on her own terms.  She has just arrived in a small town in Maine, and she's learning to be a bartender at her cousin's place.  She's finally on her own, and she wants to be a bad girl for once.  There's even a bachelor auction at the bar tonight.  Maybe it's a sign!

Dr. Oscar "Oz" Strummer is a clinical psychologist.  He's stable, steady, and respectable. His recently-married buddy Jack has always been the wild one, not Oz.  So how did he get talked into dressing up as a biker, Harley and all, for a charity bachelor auction?  When the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in real life bids three thousand dollars for a date with him, Oz decides the biker get-up might not be so bad after all.  It's in his nature to come clean with the gorgeous bartender, but she asks him to hold onto his secret.  What can he do, but agree?


The attraction between them is instantaneous, and it's sizzling.  Marianne can't believe it.  She just met Oz tonight!  Where has this wild side been all her life?  She's about to lose control when memories flare up, dousing her passion almost completely.  There was of time in her past when she wanted something else as badly as she wants Oz right this moment, and she almost lost herself.  She can't go through that again.  It gets even worse when she finds out that Oz is actually Dr. Strummer, respectable citizen and community member.  Oz is, well, he's exactly the kind of man Marianne has always been expected to date.  How could this happen?  And why isn't it a bigger turn-off?


Oz may not be a rebel, but there's nothing artificial about his feelings for Marianne.  He wants to get to know her and his body has made its own wishes perfectly clear, too.  But the psychologist in him can't help but wonder what she's running from, and where she'll end up when she figures it out.  He's certain she won't be staying in Portland, Maine.  Oz has always wanted a wife and family.  He won't find that with Marianne, not if she's running away from something.  The past has a way of catching up with a person, and he knows Marianne will have to resolve whatever issues are in her past before she'll be ready for a real relationship.  So why can't he stay away from her?


I thoroughly enjoyed BEING A BAD GIRL from beginning to end.  Who wouldn't fall for a guy like Oz?  Sure, he's gorgeous, but there's a lot more to him than just great looks.  His profession gives him insight into people's emotions and motivations.  In his head, Oz knew it would be a mistake to get involved with Marianne.  I hoped he would listen to his heart instead.  Before getting a fresh start in Maine, Marianne spent her whole life doing what was expected of her and the pressure to be perfect nearly killed her.  It took courage to run from her life and family to finally live on her own terms.  I hoped she would find a way to deal with her past and build her own future - preferably with Oz!  BEING A BAD GIRL has earned a spot on my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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