Diamond: Bejeweled and Bedeviled
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2008 - 4:16:26 PM

Kayden Starling may have been the brainchild behind TLI (Tell It Like it Is) magazine’s latest project but she isn’t entirely comfortable with becoming personally involved.  By participating, she’s making her secret desires and fears a reality - at least for the next two weeks. 

The project - engage in a sexual act that both fascinates and repels you.  The whole idea stemmed from a conversation on the TLI blog regarding things you’d never be caught dead doing during sex.  Kayden devised a survey and six lucky readers brave enough to admit to their carnal desires will have the chance to try it and be interviewed (anonymously, of course) at the magazine’s expense. 


There’s no way the six women who make up the TLI executive staff can let their readers have all the fun - after all, they do have fantasies as well.  Kayden just has the misfortune of having her name drawn from the fishbowl first and that’s the whole reason Hunter Trielle, the owner of Club Kimberlite, Chicago’s most exclusive BDSM club and submissives training center, has been cooling his heels in the lobby waiting to see her. 


Kayden’s done extensive research on Kimberlite and Hunter and she’s more than a little nervous about the whole situation.  She loves a strong, dominant man but isn’t interested in being dominated outside the bedroom.  Hunter has his own reasons for taking Kayden up on her offer to train her as a submissive.  He understands that she believes this is only a two-week ‘tester’ in the interest of the magazine’s project, but for him it’s taken on a more personal meaning.  Hunter is determined to train Kayden and claim her for himself.  He tests her commitment to ‘total submission’ by first demanding she extend the length of her training to four weeks - and if there is any doubt that Hunter means exactly what he says she quickly learns otherwise.  This couple is about to engage in a battle of wills that will lead to the ultimate pleasure.  Can Hunter and his romantic domineering personality win Kayden’s heart?


BEJEWELED AND BEDEVILED is Tiffany Bryan’s first published book and we can only hope to see many more tales from her in the near future.  Personally I’m hoping that we’ll see stories for the other TLI executive staff members - especially Trisha whose fantasy involves a menage a trois.  I felt pulled into this story from the first page when we’re introduced to Kayden and are subjected to her feelings about making her fantasies a reality.  Hunter is everything you can hope for in a Dom - he’s sexy, commanding and intense.  Ms. Bryan has certainly earned herself a place on my authors to watch for list.


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