Wicked Lovers, Book 5: Belong to Me

Author: Shayla Black

Publisher: Berkley HEAT

Release Date: October 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Tara Jacobs has been given an undercover FBI assignment.  As an analyst, she usually doesn’t see that much field work, but this case is a bit more personal; Tara’s best friend has turned up missing while investigating alleged sex crimes.  When there is no word from Tara’s best friend, good or bad, Tara knows she can’t just sit back and do nothing.  She agrees to go undercover as a sexual submissive in Dominion, a Dallas BDSM club.  There is just a bit of a problem – Tara is not allowing herself to trust the man who is supposedly going to be her Dom.  Topping from the bottom is not something she is familiar with, but she is doing it – and then Logan Edgington walks through the door of the club and Tara’s entire psyche takes a step back.  Her mind can’t forget the way he hurt her so long ago, and her body couldn’t care less.  It yearns for Logan in ways that Tara never thought possible.

Logan Edgington is the most sought after Dom in Dominion.  While this Navy SEAL brings sexual submissives to their knees in ecstasy, Logan never partakes of the bounty they so blatantly offer.  His body won’t allow him to ease his frustrations with anyone other than the memory of his Tara.  So long ago, Tara was his.  When her life was in danger because of him, Logan let her go in order to protect her.  And now he is being asked to protect her again – only this time her submission is what Logan must have if they are going to complete this mission.  Tara doesn’t trust Logan and honestly, he doesn’t trust himself because there is no way that she will get away from him again – and that’s the honest truth. 


With secrets, lies, and violence all around them, Tara and Logan must convince everyone that she is his slave – shouldn’t be hard, right?  Let’s hope the leader of the sex ring they are trying to infiltrate believes them.


Move over Hunter Edgington, there’s a new man in my life now!  Logan Edgington is dominant to the bone and fabulous in his domain.  He knows exactly how to touch Tara to make her crave to submit, and their scenes are romantic, forceful, and just downright amazing.  Tara is a strong character as well.  She has guarded her heart since high school when Logan left her so abruptly.  She is scared to death but desires Logan’s touch which in turn confuses and confounds her to no end. 


Once Logan and Tara realize that the love they felt for each other has surpassed the hands of time, the results are tantalizing and delicious.  Add in the antagonist to BELONG TO ME, which I couldn’t figure out, and this is one heck of a good read – it is sultry, sensuous, and solidly the single most favorite book I have read the entire summer!



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie S.

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