Ben's Wildflower
By Natasha Smith
May 2, 2007 - 9:19:00 AM

Ben Thomas is six feet seven inches of pure raw male.  Overly endowed to the point of embarrassment, Ben feels there is little chance that he could be the man for Kate Crawford, the woman with whom he owns half a ranch.  That doesn’t stop him from wanting her - and want her he does!  Every second of every minute of every day.

Kate is hesitant to explore her feelings for Ben.  For seven years she has not considered any sort of intimate relationship with a man; the violent actions of a man still left unpunished has left deep scars on her soul.  Fighting her fears, Kate hesitantly acknowledges to herself that she is slowly and gently falling in love with Ben.  Will he be the man she needs or will his powerful persona harm her?


When accidents around the ranch spotlight a possible attempt to harm Kate, Ben decides he’s had enough.  Putting a call out to his friends and former Navy SEAL brothers, Ben sets a plan of protection in motion as he refuses to allow harm to come to the only woman he has ever loved. 


Having read Branded by Gold, the first book in the Men in Love series, I knew of Ben and Kate and have been anxiously awaiting their story.  In BEN’S WILDFLOWER, I was treated to an extremely poignant, very erotic, and utterly captivating tale.  Ben’s treatment of Kate stems from prior female interactions and I found myself mesmerized by his stamina and absolute control.  Kate’s character hurt my heart, but in a good way.  I felt when she felt and cried when she cried.  Carol Lynne’s realistic portrayal of a woman trying to overcome her fears is amazing.  Reading BEN’S WILDFLOWER cover to cover, I was also reintroduced to the former characters in Branded by Gold and treated to a side story about their lives as well. 


Carol Lynne has woven a series of worth.  While BEN’S WILDFLOWER does have scenes of M/M interaction, it is not a homoerotic love story.  Future installments cannot be written soon enough, let me tell you!

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