Bending the Rules
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2009 - 3:25:32 PM

Poppy Calloway has a kind heart and a will of steel so when three taggers are caught defacing buildings in town, she steps up to the plate to take charge and make sure these teens understand what they did wrong. But she also wants to help by giving them a positive outlet for their artistic talents. Detective Jason de Sanges is not impressed. He has seen way too much crime during his time as a police officer and he is cynical and hardened. They are definitely not the best people to be put in charge together, but that is just what happens. Suddenly, Jason and Poppy are in charge of three graffiti artists which means they cannot avoid the simmering heat between them any longer.

Jason knows getting romantically involved with Poppy would be a huge mistake, thus he does anything he can to dissuade her that he is not the man for her. Unfortunately he is also sending out mixed signals with the kisses they share. Poppy is getting fed up. But Jason knows he cannot be anything to this good girl. He has a lifetime of bad boy in his genes and he needs to avoid temptation. But temptation in the form of Poppy is the hardest temptation to resist.

Poppy is a take-charge, intelligent, and kind heroine. She is not a pushover however and will fight for the teens under her care. She goes toe to toe with Jason about many things but she still cannot help wanting to be with him. He may push all her buttons, but there is just something about him. Jason on the other hand uses avoidance as much as possible to stay away from Poppy. He does not want to form any close ties. His arguments about his bad boy genes become a bit tiresome because as the story continues, it is obvious he is anything but a bad boy destined for prison like his relatives. He is a do-gooder just like Poppy; only he has a bit more cynicism and grit behind him. I wanted him to embrace his emotions and the possibility of a future with Poppy, but like the true cop he is, he is realistic and somewhat of a downer in the beginning of the story. Fortunately, as he gets to know Poppy and the three graffiti artists he is supervising, he warms up and his humorous side shows through. It is truly at those moments when you know why Poppy is so attracted to him.

BENDING THE RULES is a sweet and sassy romance. Jason and Poppy clash and tease each other in their own special brand of flirtation. I also enjoyed getting to know the taggers as they helped to bring Poppy and Jason together. Susan Andersen has me anxious for Ava’s story. BENDING THE RULES is a delicious contemporary romance.

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