Best Laid Plans

Author: Bronwyn Green

Publisher: Cerridwen Press

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Zander York has a little problem. He’s about to be passed over for tenure because he isn’t married or in a committed relationship. He enjoys his job at Holbrook University and he’s going to have to produce a potential spouse to accompany him to faculty events. He even has the perfect lady for the job - his next door neighbor Tessa. He’ll just have to convince her to play the part of his significant other.

Tessa Maycroft has plenty of problems of her own. Notes and gifts have begun appearing at the women and children’s shelter where she volunteers and at the library where she works. There’s something decidedly unsettling about them that brings memories of a past trauma to the forefront of her mind.

At first Tessa doesn’t take the note she finds seriously - after all it’s typical for the volunteers of the shelter to receive such notes. When her friend Annie needs her to go pick up a couple prints from the university for a showing that will be taking place that night she discovers a package pinned to her windshield. Tessa quickly realizes that she has a stalker! She arrives at the university and goes to retrieve Annie’s prints from Professor Green and then discovers that he shares an office with Zander.

Zander seizes the opportunity to talk to Tessa and requests that she come over when she gets off work at the library. They’re good friends and next door neighbors so she agrees to stop by but she’s stunned when Zander explains that he wants her to pretend to be in a committed relationship with him. Despite the fact that Tessa knows there’s no way Zander would truly be interested in dating her and she would never want to put their friendship at risk. Over the course of their ‘dating’ Tessa does her best to keep Zander in the dark about her stalker but Zander has noticed her jumpiness. His own life has forever been changed because of a stalker. How will he react to learning that the woman he’s come to love is in danger?

BEST LAID PLANS is an awesome story that readers will not be able to put down until they’ve read every last word. Bronwyn Green delves into the emotional aspect and dangers associated with stalkers which are often not taken seriously by anyone who doesn't knows the victim until it’s too late. I couldn’t help but love Zander and Tessa. It’s so obvious that they are perfect together you can’t help but cheer them as they move from strictly friends to lovers. This book is chock full of exciting scenes that will keep you guessing at who the stalker may be. Beautifully written Ms. Green! I’ll definitely be adding a copy of BEST LAID PLANS to my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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