Best Mates
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 2, 2009 - 7:23:07 PM

Lovers Alec Russert and Kevin Crosby are very happy together but there’s no denying that they want to form a real family – complete with a child.  Biologically that’s impossible but with the help of their best mate Jennica they could have the little bundle of joy they all desire.  The trick will be convincing Jennica that it’s perfectly feasible that they can be friends, lovers and parents – together.

Jennica Chapman desperately wants a baby, but first she needs a man to father the child.  Since she just broke up with her latest boyfriend it looks like she’s a long way from reaching her goal and her biological clock is definitely making itself known.  She’s disappointed and disheartened – not even a quart of Ben & Jerry’s is enough to revive her good mood.  Fortunately she has good friends like Alec and Kevin who never fail to show up just when she needs them most.


While discussing Jennica’s situation with Kevin, Alex hints at his desire to be a dad.  Kevin would love to be a father as well but adoption is expensive and extremely difficult as would be obtaining a surrogate.  Sure having a baby with Jennica would make sense, but it’s not as simple as donating sperm and nine months of eating pickles and ice cream and morning sickness.  There are serious issues that need to be decided before they embark on this sort of venture.  There is genuine affection between Kevin, Alex and Jennica but none of them have ever considered coming together as a threesome.  Can it work?  One thing’s for certain, the three of them are BEST MATES and they aren’t about to let anyone or anything drive a wedge between them.  Not even Jennica’s ex and his snide comments.


Ashley Ladd’s BEST MATES delves into the quandaries that friends would face when they make the monumental decision to have a baby together.  Kevin and Alex’s relationship is very strong and yet you get the sense that they’ve had their fair share of hard times.  Jennica’s search for Mr. Right has led her to one loser after another but maybe she should have looked to her BEST MATES first.  As the saying goes, ‘all the best men are either taken or gay’ and obviously in this case, that saying is very true – and Jennica couldn’t be happier.  They’re perfect for her!

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