Book Three, Necessary Roughness, Best Reception
By Suzie Housley
Jul 7, 2011 - 2:14:33 PM

Two months ago, Talia arrived at wide receiver Sid Conyers door physically beaten and abused by her master Vic Reinhart. Sid opened up his home to Talia to give her a safe sanctuary where she would be able to heal and put her life back on track.

Since Sid first saw Talia at his favorite BDSM dungeon, Rebels' Roosthe knew there was something that fascinated him about her.   Taliahaving suffered both mental and physical abuse from her former mastersees herself unworthy of Sid's affection.


Sid is determined he is the man who will win Talia's heart.  He knows as his submissive he would take care of her body and worship it the way it was intended.  Will Talia be able to let go of her past and trust Sid enough to allow him to introduce her to love and show her that to gain pleasure it doesn't require her being in pain.


BEST RECEPTION is a wonderful installment in the NECESSARY ROUGHNESS series.  I admired the tender and patient way that Sid coaxed Talia to trust in him.  This book is a real eye opener at how the BDSM lifestyle can quickly get out of control if not handled responsibility.  I applauded Ann Jacobs for bringing this realization to light.  BEST RECEPTION is the third in the NECESSARY ROUGHNESS series.  The other two titles include:


  • Sackmaster - Necessary Roughness Book One
  • End Run - Necessary Roughness Book Two


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