Best of All
By Sarah W
Mar 24, 2004 - 4:05:00 AM

In 1977, Dani Harcourt, Wade Stevens, Ken Moody, and JeriAnn Murphy were good friends on the brink of graduation from high school. None of them knew how that summer would change their lives forever. Wade and Dani were best friends, but Wade wanted more. He had loved Dani since he was nine years old, and he wanted her to see him as a man, not as her best friend. Unfortunately, Dani only had eyes for Ken. Little did Dani know that Ken was in love with JeriAnn. The night of a bonfire, the body of town drunk George Moody was discovered murdered, and Ken was under suspicion, because he had left town that same night. Dani was devastated by Ken's departure, because the night of the murder, she and Ken had made love for the first time, and losing her first crush was a blow to her young heart. Fortunately, Wade was there to pick up the pieces, and as Dani and Wade grew closer, Dani finally realized what a wonderful man Wade was. He was everything she had ever dreamed of, and their love eventually resulted in a baby. As happy as Dani and Wade were, the knowledge that her baby could have been fathered by Ken was at the back of both of their minds. Meanwhile, JeriAnn was struggling to make a better home for herself, as she was pregnant with Ken's child.

The summer of 1977 changed everyone in Sierra, California , but no one was changed more than the small clique of Dani, Wade, Ken and JeriAnn. Eventually time moves forward, and Dani and Wade have a son, vowing that no matter whom the biological father is Wade will always be the father. Things are looking up for JeriAnn, as well, and as time passes the two families grow closer. The murder has no effect on their lives at all until 1996, when Ken comes roaring home on his motorcycle, and old bruises and wounds are brought to the surface of their lives once again. Dani and Wade, a once solid marriage, are rocked by the arrival of Ken, and JeriAnn and daughter, Breanne are forever changed by the appearance of Ken, too. This time the murder can't be forgotten, it has to be solved.


BEST OF ALL is a superb story. The plot moves along well, the characters are unique individuals who each have to come to terms with their pasts. But the strongest achievement is the relationships. This story has three separate relationships that all impact the story: Dani and Wade, JeriAnn and Ken, and Micah, Dani's son, and Breanne, JeriAnn's daughter. With each relationship, the reader is invited into a new world of romance and love, and the happiness and troubles that come with any bond. Janet Mills writes a great story that any reader can relate to, because it touches on the many issues of growing up, being an adult, and learning that love can't always heal all wounds. BEST OF ALL is truly a touching story.

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