Best of Three (Counting on Love, Book 3)
By Jo
Nov 11, 2013 - 12:23:43 AM

BEST OF THREE, COUNTING ON LOVE SERIES, BOOK 3, is a fabulous continuation of the series with a lot more naughty but lots of romance and love.  Guess you do have to watch out for the quiet ones - in this case, Nate!

Nicholas' BEST OF THREE is a quick reading contemporary romance that drew me in from the beginning.  I loved that we were reunited with all the Dixon siblings as well as their friends and coworkers.  I didn't care for Emma's best friend Dena's carefree attitude especially since she had an eighteen year old daughter, Shannon, and you could see a lot of her mom's attitude in her.  Nate's son, Michael, along with his girlfriend Shannon, kept breaking his dad's trust.  Ultimately he got his head on straight and reconnected with his dad the way Nate wanted them to.  I liked the give and take between Emma and Nate and how they helped to ground each other.  I was a little surprised by Nate's attitude towards romance - he clearly keeps that side of him well hidden.  Conner took me by surprise by how insightful he was to Emma plus how supportive he was of her and Nate's relationship since he didn't do too well when his sisters started dating his friends. There was laughter, happiness, worries, tears, casual sex and too much partying among the teens, family, friends, romance, lots and lots of loving that burned up the sheets if that's where they happened to be which most times they weren't, along with love.  There were several twists and turns to the storyline and most were unexpected and there was the happily ever after I was hoping for but didn't think would happen.  I can't wait until the next book to see what happens next to this great group of characters!

I have read several of the books in THE BRADFORD SERIES and now the first three books in the COUNTING ON LOVE SERIES and I can't wait to read the last two books in this series - GOING FOR FOUR and UP BY FIVE.  I'm confident they will both be filled with love and romance as only Nicholas can do with her walk on the spicy side.  I know I definitely want more.


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