Bet Me

Author: Jennifer Crusie

Publisher: St. Martin Press

Release Date: August 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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When Minerva Dobbs breaks up with her boyfriend, she feels nothing but relief.  David was just not for her; there was no sizzle.  As she commiserates with her friends at their local hangout, she overhears a bet. David has bet the super sexy Calvin Morrisey ten dollars that he can’t get Minerva to agree to go to dinner.  While Min is usually uber-cautious, overhearing her ex-boyfriend imply that she is stuffy and cold makes her leave her inhibitions behind.  After their less than romantic dinner, Min is sure she doesn’t want to see Cal again.

Calvin Morrisey knows that he is not meant to marry.  Commitment is for other people; not him!  After a disastrous dinner with the cranky and uptight Min, he renews his vow to remain single and free. 

But fate has other plans, and Cal and Min can’t seem to stay away from each other.  And soon they are dealing with her jealous ex-boyfriend and superbly protective friends as well as his neurotic mother and needy nephew.  As Cal and Min get closer, they must both come to terms with their own notions of happily-ever-after.

Jennifer Crusie is better than ever with BET ME.  Cal and Min fight constantly but always with a huge dose of sexual tension simmering beneath the surface.  With her characteristic sarcastic and snappy dialogue, Crusie’s characters sizzle and snipe at each other – in the best way possible!  Every character is fully developed, and I can only hope to meet up with them in a future story! BET ME is truly one of Crusie’s best!  Don’t miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Evelyn

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