Bet Me
By Cat Cody
Aug 5, 2007 - 6:58:19 PM

THE ACE by Debra Webb introduces us to Clarissa Rivers, LVMPD detective and secret heiress. She knows all about rich men and the way they use women, and isn’t it just her luck that in order to stop a weapons ring, she’s going to have to be one of those disposable women. Luke “Ace” Jennings’ biking career was over, but that didn’t mean women stopped hanging on him. When he cuts a deal with the hotel “maid” to pose as his wife, he has no idea he’s falling into the middle of an international sting. . .or a potential relationship.

THE JOKER by Catherine Mann continues the crack down on Las Vegas Casinos with detective Kim Wong, in disguise as a Cantou princess. Her “protector” unfortunately doesn’t realize she can take care of herself and his role is just for looks. Air Force Captain Marc “Joker”Cardenas fell hard for Kim when he met her while on leave in Cantou. Two years and a failed engagement later, he’s out to find some closure, but will he find something much more valuable instead?


THE WILDCARD by Joanne Rock rounds up this fabulous trio by shoving control freak Dorian Byrne into maybe the toughest role of her life. Not only does she have to pretend to be a prostitute when she doesn’t do well having men touch her, she also has to work with Simon “Wildcard” Ramsey a Fed from her past. Can she get through this assignment without giving in to the baggage weighing her down? Simon knows he screwed up with Dorian before, but he’s determined to make amends. At least he will once he can remember how to speak. Seeing Dorian dressed as a lady of the night makes him think of all the things he’d like to do with her, none of which include pretending to be her pimp. Can a wildcard and a control freak work together to solve this case, and maybe bury some ghosts?


BET ME is a fantastic read that will have you ready to hop a plane to Vegas just on the off chance you’ll get to meet one of these uber hot heroes. Three stories by three fabulous authors who manage to tie the plots together beautifully is no gamble. BET ME is a sure thing if you’re looking for an engrossing read.

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