Betrayed By love: Western Lovers-Ranch Rogues Series
By Sandra Tibbetts
Mar 1, 2004 - 5:03:00 PM

Jacob Cade is the strong willed and opinionated owner of the Warlance Ranch. He also has very old-fashioned ideas about women, due to his mother's promiscuity. He believes there are two kinds of women - those you have fun with and those you marry, who are of high morals and ideals. He makes no apologies for it.  He has enough money and is such an abrasive and vividly, masculine male that he can make his rules law in his world. Jacob was now thirty-two and his niece, Margo whom he raised since she was a young child was getting married. He could now go after the one woman that he has lusted after for years, his niece's best friend, Kate Walker. After all, he knew she was fast and easy, hadn't he thrown her off his ranch when she was eighteen for her loose behavior, which he would not allow around his niece.

Kate Walker could not help the fact that she loved Jacob. It seemed this had been a fact for her entire life; ever since she and her brother, Tom had come to live with their grandmother after their abusive father had died. All her young dreams had been wrapped up in this man and then in the blink of an eye he'd become her enemy. So she spent her adult life daring him. It had become a defense mechanism, a programmed response to keep from throwing herself at him. If she fought with him, he couldn't get close enough to her to do her vulnerable heart much more damage than he had already. What will she do now that he considers her fair game, when other women could not resist this man, what hope did she have? Will Jacob realize the truth before he destroys her young heart? How will he be able to make amends for the terrible wrong he has done to her?


BETRAYED BY LOVE is a gut wrenching, heartrending, tearjerker, which will have you crying your eyes out at Kate's torment and despair, and Jacob's anguish and misery. Sexual tension at its best, with a fabulous story that will not let you go until your have shed your final tear, both in heartache and joy. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have read it.


BETRAYED BY LOVE is a definite keeper that will be read and reread often. Diana Palmer has always been a favorite of mine from her first book and although, I had read this book years ago, it is as fresh, exciting and emotionally draining, as the first time. Ms. Palmer remains the queen of tear jerking love stories, over the years she has ripped my emotions to shreds countless times, only to artfully and skillfully repair them with joy and happiness by the last page. Excellent read!


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