Better Than Ice Cream

Author: Alicia Sparks

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: February 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Laura Reynolds is the owner and CEO of I Scream.  She has plans to strike a deal with Ryan LeJeune that would have his company as her supplier of sugar.  Laura also wants to negotiate a deal to purchase the sugar substitute that Ryan has developed.

Ryan LeJeune retreated to New Orleans after the break-up of his marriage.  Ryan is returning to negotiate a deal with the owner of I Scream and, hopefully, put the family business, LeJeune's Louisiana Cane, back into the black.  The key to saving the family business lies in whatever deal he can make with Laura to supply sugar and the sugar substitute that he has developed to her business.

The sparks between Laura and Ryan are there from the beginning.  She fights her feelings for him.  He dives right in to making her want him.  Feelings from their high school days emerge and an erotic war of wants and needs on both sides ensues.  The tension is there from their first meeting over dinner and doesn't end until the last page.

Ryan and Laura go on their first date.  He makes it clear that he could make her his dinner.  Laura wants real food.  They are seated in a secluded back booth where Laura proceeds to show Ryan that she is without panties.  She puts on a demonstration of what she really wants, not allowing him to touch.  Ryan asks for the dessert menu right away.  When the fruit arrives, Ryan tucks it away for eating later.  Laura isn't sure she'll make it through dinner without losing that fruit.  Walking out of the restaurant presents another problem.  The description of how Ryan and Laura eat that fruit will leave you in desperate need of a cold shower.  

BETTER THAN ICE CREAM catches you on the first page and keeps you enthralled until the last page.  The twists, turns and misunderstandings add to the mystery of will they or won't they.

This book is highly recommended for the keeper shelf and for reading with that special person.  It would be even better with some of fruit or with some of Laura's fudge royal ice cream to eat and to use...well, you get the picture.  I can hardly wait to see what Alicia Sparks writes next. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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