Bettina's Gamble
By Tammy Kelly
Jun 17, 2007 - 3:56:31 AM

Ron loved playing the drums for band BCA; but when he gets in over his head with a loan shark Erns, Ron has to come up with a plan to keep from losing his family jewels. Ron was making his last payment to Erns, when everything in his life changes. Being accused of raping Erns' wife Honey, Ron is given an option, to either put together a poker game from a list Erns gives him or lose his family jewels, along with having charges brought against him for rape.

Now across the Atlantic, Bettina is packing up her mother and sister so that they can move. With Bettina's sister being pregnant, their mother Beatrice feels that it would be better if instead of staying in London she moves in to help her daughter and her husband with the baby. Before Beatrice leaves she drops a bomb on Bettina. All these 
years Bettina thought her father was Nils Montgomery, and then Beatrice tells her that her father is really a man by the name of Levi Fletcher. Beatrice tells her that she has her father's eyes and that she felt that it was time that Bettina knew the truth.

Bettina makes a decision that could change her life; she decides to try to find her father. What Bettina didn't know was that when she went to find her father that she would end up running into the drummer for her father's band, Ron.

While coming up with a plan for Ron, Fletcher has Ron holed up in his cabin in Texas. While relaxing in the sun, Ron has a visitor. His imagination has Erns finally finding him, or Fletcher coming to check up on him; but what he didn't imagine was one of the most beautiful, exotic women walking up the steps.

In BETTINA'S GAMBLE, Kay Layton sisk gives us some interesting people to read about. What will Ron and Bettina do, will Ron learn to trust and see where the feelings that he is starting to feel for Bettina are going to lead or will he keep running the way he has been doing for the last twelve years of his life? Does Bettina decide to let Levi Fletcher know that she is his daughter or will she just keep  that between herself and her mother?

I enjoyed reading BETTINA'S GAMBLE and would suggest to anyone else that loves a good romance with a touch of humor and suspense. Ron and Bettina are great characters and I would love to see what happens to them after they get Ron's life back in order.

In BETTINA'S GAMBLE, Kay Layton Sisk also shows us that we can always go back to our childhood spot and still be welcome even though we haven't kept in touch with our family. BETTINA'S GAMBLE is a book that I would love having on my nightstand to read again.

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