Betting the Rainbow
By Diana S
Apr 1, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Sisters Abby and Dusti Delany have been holding on to the farm of their ancestors on Rainbow Lane. They both have dreamed of something bigger. Abby is only one semester away from becoming a nurse. Dusti wants to take courses in photography and own a camera again.

To make enough money to obtain their dreams, Dusti enlists the help of Kieran O’Toole to teach her how to play poker. The town of Harmony is hosting a poker tournament to raise money for their library. The winner will be given the money to enter into a bigger poker tournament in Las Vegas. Dusti wants to win enough money to make all their dreams come true. Dusti also gets help learning the game from a couple of octogenarians who want to remain anonymous.


Ronny Logan has finally returned to Harmony after her world trip. Ronny lost the man she loved to sickness and he left her set financially for life. Ronny rents a cabin on Rainbow Lane and wants to be left alone. Ronny’s neighbor, Austin Hawk, forms a friendship with Ronny to insure her safety. Neither are looking for anything more. The two loners are drawn to each other anyway.


Going back to Harmony and reconnecting with all the zany characters is a real treat. One never knows what will happen next or to whom. I love the way Jodi Thomas makes you feel right at home in her stories and keeps you on your toes by jumping from one storyline to another. I am willing to come back and visit anytime Jodi Thomas beckons me. 

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